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Any Boston Fans Here?


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Yep!. The Boston album was my second record purchase. I think I was 13 years

old. I had to replace it after a few years because I literally wore it out. I

bet I listened to it every day for a couple years straight! In hindsight, it

still sounds great. Killer guitars, massive organ, and great vocals.

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I love Boston! Their music is fantastic!


So...........anyone else here like Boston's music? msp_cool.gif


I remember when the first album came out, I was 13 and I used to read the liner notes as I listened to the music through headphones (LOUD!). To think this music was mostly made in someone's basement! Then a couple years later Don't Look Back came out. I was really digging the guitar sounds in those two albums, along with the voice of Brad Delp. So much energy in that music. I recall thinking that it was almost like the classical music version of high energy rock - so well put together. I think Tom Scholz really had something going with those first two records. Plus the album covers were just really cool! Guitar city space ships...awesome!


Here are the liner notes of the first album:


If you're looking for something to tell you that the band in question is composed of nearly notable former members of various bands, or how many jam sessions the drummer sat in on with rock superstars who are now dead or disabled, or retired, forget it. Unless the names Mother's Milk, Middle Earth, or the Revolting Tunes Revue ring any particular bells, where the people who make up this band called Boston came from is irrelevant to who and where they are now.


Listen to the record!


As to how the band came together, we'll let lead signer Bradley Delp tell the story: "Fran knew Barry, and I knew Fran, and Fran had played with Sib, and Sib had played with Tom, and Tom knew me, but Fran didn't know that I knew that he knew Barry to, so what happened was..."


Listen to the record!


If you still need more information, try this. Boston is masterminded by a guitarist named Tom Scholz. An MIT graduate with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, Tom was living a split existence at the time his concept for Boston began to fall together. By day, he was a highly-touted member of a product design wing of a major Massachusetts-based corporation, helping to develop all sorts of media machinery he's not supposed to talk about. By night he was a member of any one of a handful of constantly shifting bands on the North Shore club circuit in Boston. Considering the day gig, when he bought 12-track recording equipment and began experimenting with basement tapes, mastering the machinery at his disposal posed no great problem. With these extraordinary homemade demo tapes, the band was soon better known to record company executives in L.A. and New York than it was to taste-mongers in its own hometown.


Listen to the record!


If you insist on having it further spelled out for you, consider this, what distinguishes Boston's music is although by it's definition heavy rock and roll, it evidences a greater concern for melodic and harmonic flow than practically any band you can think of working the same general territory. Also, consider the use of technology as an instrument, all the more remarkable because this is a first album. Of the tendency for technology to take over in the hands of lesser practitioners, Tom Scholz says, "It depends completely on the person using it. People have already fallen prey to that, in my opinion, with items that they just go out and buy to get a certain sound without really understanding where that sound comes from and how to apply it." Those who question how precise technology of the group's record will translate to a live environment will discover that, with the aid of some special sound innovations developed for performance by Scholz, the Boston concert will easily be a comparable experience to the Boston album. That's a lot to look forward to, but you know where to start.


Listen to the record!





TOM SCHOLZ - lead and rhythm guitars, acoustic guitar, special effects guitar, bass, organ, clavinet, and percussion


BRAD DELP - lead and harmony vocals, acoustic 12-string guitar, rhythm guitar and percussion


BARRY GOUDREAU - lead and rhythm guitars




SIB HASHIAN - drums and percussion

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[thumbup] Man, I can't tell you how many times I read those liner notes. Thanks for the

blast from the past. No videos... no YouTube... you just sat there with headphones

on and listened to the record... and read the liner notes... over and over again.

I can still feel how great that album felt then. I think Smokin' may have been my

favorite track - though Foreplay/Long Time was a close second.



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I remember being in elementary school and wondering what this "Boston" was that I kept seeing on the older kids shirts.

Then I started realizing, they're the band that sings THAT song, and THAT song, and THAT one too....oh yeah they're pretty good [thumbup]

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