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Oh Hai Guys!


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Hey guys!! I'm at the Grand Canyon and got some killer shots today. First we did a helicopter tour into the Canyon which was awesome but not too great for pics due to the reflection on the glass....got a few decent ones but the best ones were from the Rim. We did some walking around and some shuttle bussing and we saw most of the south rim...


Holy ****, i've never been here before and it is damn impressive! Pictures do not do it justice...

Anyway, here are some pics for y'all of Shred and his wife chillin at the Canyon!


I can't get Photobucket to load up so I posted em to Facebook for the ease of it. (You can still see em without a Facebook account by the way)



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Great photos Shred.

I'm heading in that general direction tomorrow. On course in Vegas for a week. I hope I get a chance to do a little touring. Too bad my wife isn't coming with me. Were you there on vacation?

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