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Top 5 most admired guitarists - let's see your choices


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I'm going to qualify my list with limiting to the rock-n-roll scene. There are amazing country pickers to classical perfectionados that are absolutely amazing talents. I would also qualify my list not on the basis of pure technical fundamentals but rather on the basis of those that transcended the industry in their own way


David Gilmour - creates - innovates melodic masterpieces

Joe Walsh - Wichita, Kansas claim to fame aside . . . from the James Gang to the Eagles, he has made everything he's touched better, including Jimmy Page.

Jimmy Hendrix - I often wish we would have had the pleasure to hear this man with modern electronics, now there's a dream for ya . . .

Jimmy Page - look how many of his basic licks [many of which he well borrowed and made better from others] have ended in tact or slightly modified in others songs, but it was Joe Walsh early on that got him straightened out with the R9 he sold him.

Eric Clapton - Another reason, besides Mr. Gilmour, that I endeavor to play a Strat.


Very Honorable Mention: Alex Lifeson - the king of the power chords and you gotta admit, nothing sounds like Rush!

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=D> There will be some super obvious choices here but i'm going with it anyway.


1 Jimmy Page

2 Tony Iommi

3 Ritchie Blackmore

4 Doug Boyle

5 Eddie Van Halen.


These guys [Hendrix aside] Defined modern/classic rock guitar playing in my head.=P~/

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With ALL of the great guitarists out there and who have been there, here are my five and believe me, it is NO SLAM against any of the other greats!




Jeff Beck

Duane Allman



Remember, vote out the status quo this Tuesday! Vote NONE OF THE ABOVE, from the bottom line of your ballot!

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Stevie Ray Vaughn every cover he did of a Hendrix song he played more articulated and precise, his brother isn't bad and couldn't even do scutlin butlin riff. Listen to Texas Flood I have not heard Eric, Jimmy (P & H), Brian, do this. Oh he does a little jazz piece at the end of Couldn't stand the weather, it's amazing.

Eric Clapton - seen him in concert for George, or Cream reunion (appr 2003)? joy and musicality in spades

Andy Summers just because I didn't see him mentioned - he's underrated as Brian May

Marc Ribot (mostly know perhaps for his work for Tom Waits)

Big Bill Broonzie just like to mention him. If you heard him you'll agree


(and of course Jimmy and so many others!!)

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