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Top 5 most admired guitarists - let's see your choices


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I'm not necessarily asking who you think the most technically proficient guitarists are, but taking into consideration any and all factors that cause you to like a certain player. Not limited to only rock guitarists of course.


Based on a combination of technical ability, songwriting, influence and style, my list is:


Jimmy Page

Dimebag Darrell Abbott

Tony Iommi

Keith Richards

Eric Clapton(early years)




...ya, some very obvious ones there, I know.

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Narrowing it down to five is pretty tough. As I was looking at my list I realized I had ALMOST picked one each from different types of music, so I rearranged my list to reflect that.


Duane Allman - electric blues

Bucky Pizzarelli - jazz

Chet Atkins - country

Tommy Emmanuel - acoustic folk

Steve Howe - rock & roll

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