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Sting needs to remember he got famous singing like a girl about a hooker.

He's not the first, and won't be the last.


Also, he's never been one to stand still - not afraid to try different things. Admittedly they don't always come off.


Have to admit to being a fan - I was of The Police (especially live) and have been of Sting since they split. The early stuff is, IMO, outstanding. I've seen him a couple of time live and been more than impressed on both occasions.

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My younger brother always kept me close to the Police/Sting U2 fires. And I like both acts alright. This particular Sting tune however, is among my favorites. I find it absolutely eminent. Very well crafted and still rolling easy as a mountain stream. The 'hotel-room version' here lifts it up. Amazing what this little parlour guitar can do in the hands of excellent Dominic Miller – Ian Anderson knew for years.


Sweet Child in Time – A black shining cornerstone in early '70ties rock (which means rock as a whole)*. They stole it from the Californian band It's Beautiful Day, , , did you know that. . .


And did you 'musical ears' out there ever notice the similarity between Child in Time and the Police song Walking on The Moon. Funny coincidence – same notes, different phrasing.






*I admit to be among the 100.000's that sat stoned on the floor in the multi-colored lights of the teenage temples, totally blown away by tracks like this. People became gods and saints in these situations – some flew to Saturn and Mars, a few never came back – others simply went insane.






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I agree that the classical guitar player sounds superb, Very nice tone!

You should hear this classical guitar player play rock or, , , anything. He has been Stings squire for 20 years. As mentioned : Dominic Miller.

Here's a list of people he worked with -



Chris Botti

Bryan Adams

A.R. Rahman

Joss Stone

Backstreet Boys

Vinnie Colaiuta

Phil Collins

Sheryl Crow

Placido Domingo


Julia Fordham

Peter Gabriel

Pat Metheny


Mark Hollis

Mark Hudson

Michael Kamen

Manu Katché

Nigel Kennedy

Kenny Kirkland

Kristina Kovač

Level 42

Jimmy Nail

Howard New

Pino Palladino

Luciano Pavarotti

Guy Pratt


Rod Stewart

Ian Thomas

Tina Turner

Steve Winwood

Walter Wray

Rick Wright

Paul Young



Btw. he co-wrote the song above.

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And did you 'musical ears' out there ....

Funny coincidence indeed


Not my favorite either...

Not mine either but it was more about his voice still screamin after all these years [thumbup]


Here's a list of people he worked with -[/color]

That's one impressive list !! (Donovan Yeey [laugh]

Btw I cant find any info on this Gibson Donovan model you mentioned in the other thread.

Too bad coz I'd love too know more about it

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