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Gibson "Numerology" Anyone?


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Okay, so get this...


I maintain a database of my guitar collection acquisitions. Tonight, I noticed (for the first time) a weird coincidence of numbers involving two of my Gibson acoustics. It was so strange that I immediately had to go examine the two guitars to make sure it was true:


Within the last six months, I bought two new Gibson Montana acoustic guitars from Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse Wisconsin.


Here are their purchase dates and their Gibson Serial Numbers.


"Jackson Browne Signature - Model 1"

Purchase Date 3-8-11

Serial # 10451002


"J-45 Custom - Rosewood"

Purchase Date 8-3-11

Serial # 10451012



As the Moody Blues have observed - "Isn't Life Strange?"


Obviously, such unplanned numerical coincidences are just.... well... coincidences, but I had to share this one. (I guess I'm easily entertained...)


For the record, I love both of these unique Montana-built Gibson acoustic models, both very cool and very different. (And now, for me... eternally linked, in a most bizarre way... in the Twilight Zone...)


Thank you,


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and 3+8, 8+3 = 11




did you also pick up that they were both serialized on valentines day?! weird continues.


pretty cool to get two guitars made on the same day for sure. that jackson browne was hot of the presses when you got it too eh?

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