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No love for Meshuggah around here?

Shnate McDuanus

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Saw them open for Tool once. I was really excited to hear them because of everything I had read about them, but ended up being really disappointed because of the sound quality.


Granted, I always expect opening bands to have a poorer sound quality than the headliner, but I think it was a bit of also just being so heavy and technical. I'm always weary of wanting to see my favorite heaviest or technical bands because I'm worried they sound horrible live. (ie, The Mars Volta, Mudvayne)


Meshugga was so muddy and washed out, it just sounded like extremely loud white noise. I need to give one of their albums a shot though.


PS - I've seen The Mars Volta a few times and they have not disappointed. Completely amazed actually, how good they sounded for an 8 piece band playing so crazily.

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