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Been a while, new AJ in hand!


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Hey all! Been away for a while, computer finally died (it was OLD!). In the break I've moved back east. Been playing more music since I got back here than I did the entire time I was in LA!!!


And, more importantly, I just bought a new AJ! Need to take pix, will do so and post soon.


LOVE this box!! Spent some time looking, hit many shops. Amazing how many shops don't carry Gibson anymore!! I went to Mandolin Brothers on Staten Island...no longer a dealer. Amazing. Gibson may want to re-evaluate their dealer requirements unless they only want GC selling them.


Anyway, that's where I ended up, GC. Took a negotiation savvy pal to handle the haggeling (I'm weak, I fold easily!!!) Agreed on a good price. The strings on it in the store were HORRIBLE! Dead and gone...could have gotten tetanus from them. I knew it held some great tone though! Took it home, put on some strings, adjusted the action a squinch and *BINGO* happy camper.


So now it's a 'Bird, a CJ165-EC and the Advanced Jumbo.


One 'Hog, one maple, one rosewood.


Yes...I am liking the set!

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I also bought my AJ at GC a few months ago for the same reasons. The AJ's good for a lot of things but when you need a big, warm mid riff you can walk mama home.


I think the open (through) saddle puts more vibes on the spruce top and makes the unique rhythmic tone.


Having three different tone-woods is a good thing, best wishes.

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post-27605-076706000 1317434489_thumb.jpg


Not much of a picture...rainy day here so indoors with my android is what I got!!


The more I play this thing the more I like it! I stink at putting aural tones into a verbal description so suffice it to say...w00t!!!!



Haven't seen it for sale anywhere at a better price, either....new with HSC= $2,025.



It was between the AJ and a J-45. The 45 was nice, for sure...the AJ told me to buy it though!!


I had a guy who was in the acoustic room playing, who had a um, dynamic right hand like I have (I ain't overly gentle) play them both while I stood about 12 feet away, head down listening. AJ won that round for sure!

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Looks great, love the burst on her ! Fantastic price also.


Until recently I had to admit I was an AJ sceptic but I played a belter on a recnet trip to Germany and now Im definitely a fan !


Nice collection you get there now :-)


Enjoy !

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I LOVE both the 165 and the HB...my daughter gave me the 165 as a gift out of the blue so it will always be my #1. That said...between the 3 I may have all my bases covered! (until I need to buy another...)

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