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nice! that firebird looks pretty sexy too


Thanks - that is another one of my favs.O:)


Looks like some nice guitars there!


Thank you so much. I think that will be it for now on guitars. I need to concentrate on amplification. I have some decent amps, but one of them needs repair (Fender Blues Deluxe), and I am using the Bose Peronal amplification system fer now. I am looking into either a Marshall, or a Mesa Boogie.O:)

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The Cherry Burst and the Goldtop are sweet! Do you have a favorite between those two? Any difference in tone? Which pickups are in those Les Pauls?


While the goldtop seems to have a brighter sound, I like the cherry sunburst for the look. Both have the true LP sustain. Both have the burstbucker pickups, which I love the sound they produce.;)

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You slay me!!! OK not so funny' date=' but those are all very nice. Is that a Strat hiding in the background?

I really like the R7 (go figure, she looks like mine).



Hi there! Yes, that is a Customshop 1960 (Fiesta Red) Relic back there. "Frankie" is my fav strat - sweet sounding! Thanks about the goldtop - nothing like having one to adorn the collection. :)


Nice collection! hfdoll What years are your beautiful Les Pauls? Both Standards or???


Hello there! the burst is a R58 (2008), and the goldtop is a R57 (2007). I luv 'em both, although the R58 is king of the collection. :)

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Great pic! Love that gold top!!!


Thanks - I never thought I could afford one' date=' but having a tiny windfall in the finances helps. :)


If your into tube amp' date=' take a look at the 6505 by Peavey. Its what used to be the 5150 and its a great amp. Loads of bottom end.[/quote']


I will definitely do some research on this amplifier. Thanks for the rec. :)

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