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The Melody Maker


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That sounds awesome. What other gear were you using?


I have to say though, I was a little distracted by what sounded like a ridiculously noisey pedal. What's up with that constant high pitched whine? It sounds like a whistling tea kettle.

Thanks! Sorry, I was having some grounding problem. I was using a Marshall Class 5 set at low power attenuation. No drive/distortion pedals were used on this one. Its all Class 5 tone set at full volume.

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Melody makers are really great guitars, I love them, that single coil might look puny but it's really powerful compared to, say, a fender standard single coil.


I moded mine and it's the only Gibby I kept, I will buy one or 2 more in the future, one to mod and one to keep stock.


That amp sounds great too, and, great playing man! [thumbup]

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