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To top EA's huge vintage J-200 poster idea, let me say it as it is :


I intend to build a house in the shape of a square shouldered Southern Jumbo.

Entrance will be through a lobby in the heel.

Different sized/shaped windows will be placed in the gigantic mahogany sides/walls.

Yes, it should be possible to use a spiral staircase to get up through the sound-hole where the top is arranged as a lawn with homegrown groceries for the bridge, and flowers* for the 3-point pickguard zone.

The neck should work as some gateway to the headstock - a terrace created with chairs for every tuner-pole and a thistle shaped table rising from the ground when pushing a fretmark on the way out there.

The tuner-blades are set up as hypersensitive windmill-devises, planned to drive the entire electricity need of the mansion – basically a recording studio and chill-out~pleasure facility.

Inside an exact copy of a late 40's/first50's scalloped X-bracing will support the radius-topped sitka ceiling - and feature hooks, between which hammocks will hover like sun/honey/cherry burst cocoons.

In order to keep the floor straight, back-bracing is only marked as darker lines in the wood-nuanced kerf to kerf carpet – still the pattern will be loyal to original measures.

Bridgepins sticking from above will work as ventilation, lamps and kitchen extraction - all in kingsize Colosi bone, , , , or should I go horn. . .

Facing the neck-block (with television and bar cabinet), will be a huge soft sofa with armchairs and individual shelves for what is needed when listening back from a set of speakers placed respectively in the right and left upper bout. (So don't come and there's no sound in the shoulders here).

Toilet and bath are placed in the opposite direction with everything goin' in and out the endpin - - - no, thinking twice it's too lame. Instead the endpin will be a multi-facetted master-prism that divides sunlight into all-coloured jewelry scattered everywhere in the various parlors and rooms. This mother-diamond is meant to represent the visual counterpart to the sonic bliss oozing from the HQ stereo system and must be kept shiny by uses of the studio.

Of natural reasons the architecture comes without cellar or possibilities of later extensions. This is a classic and shall remain as such. Sealed.

The place will be called E-minor7's SJ – look for the blinking sign on the strap-button just above the door - and you're all welcome to book time, come aboard and record whatever's in your soul - - - - for the price of a set of uncoated strings. No reason to hold back.


If anyone has suggestions – feel free ! We are still in the sketch phase.






*of course with flora that will attract hummingbirds, b-flies and doves.

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