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How To Identify 57 Classics??


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its hard enough to identify Gibson pups as it is (even Gibson struggle) without knowing the guitar it came from.



whats the audible difference between the changes? thats the only way to identify with the use of a multimeter/voltmeter


pickups change slightly over the years anyway and can be the result of something really simple such as the material used for the spacers or even the machine used to wind them.



IMO I wouldnt search for the holy grail by name and reputation alone but i would search by ear for the sound that was right for me. you'll know when you find them and 57's are pretty good. on the other hand changing your pups is only 30% responsible for good tone but thats a mission to discover in its own right

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57 Classics are identifiable by the vintage looking recreation of the gold on black "Patent Applied For" stickers on the bottom. The 57+ will also have a foil label around the leads that says "57+".



i've not seen these are they bought aftermarket? the ones i've taken off of production guitars dont have either of these identifyers



they have the historic braided cable but so do a collection of other gibson pups

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