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New Melody Maker SG.


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Listen to me.


I have other Gibsons, but I decided to give the SG Melody Maker a shot because it's really cheap and I wanted something to play around with and keep at work. I figured I would have to change the pickup and maybe do a few other things. I was concerned it may be build cheaply, though...but I'd give it a try.


This guitar is awesome.


It's built as nicely as my Les Paul. This is a pro-level guitar. They cut corners on finish, etc. But I'm not worried about finish at this price range. What I care about is playability.


And it has a sound all its own, which is what I want out of a "new" guitar. Not too bright, but the maple gives it a "piano" like quality. And the pickup sounds great as is.


Man, I wish "cheap" guitars were this great when I was a kid. What an awesome guitar. I have no complaints at all, and I can't believe this price. No import can touch this thing - I love guitars from Memphis.


Oh, and I forgot to mention...the body is one piece. What a total keeper.


That is all.

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The trio picture missed the MM Explorer,Hey Blackflag how long did it take for you to figure out your SG was a killer axe.I bought the MM Explorer about 3 weeks ago and it can rip the roof off my house if I wanted it to.I am as happy with mine as you seem to be with your SG,Gibson hit a home run with these.The finish on my explorer is amazing and it feels great,I never thought I would buy one of these but as soon as I picked it up I knew I had to buy it.

Picture cause it's not real unless theres a pic I hear.


Sorry but the picture from the sweetwater site came out better than the one I took and it looks exactly alike except mine came from Sam Ash,Hope you keep diggin your MM SG.


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,Hey Blackflag how long did it take for you to figure out your SG was a killer axe.


I knew it the same day...but it just keeps growing on me. This thing is unreal. I don't think I've ever played a maple body before...what sustain. And the "melody maker" neck profile is perfect for me. I love the Les Paul I have...but wtf the with this cheap little guitar?? [love]

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I too dig these except for the wraparound stop tail.I just learnt of a stetsbar tremolo existing.Does anyone think that they could work on the mm sg's.On www.stetsbar.com you can see photos.my problem is that it does not have the holes for the tuneomatic.Any thoughts?


Eric Stets can make a special Stetsbar for guitars with wraparound bridges. It uses a trapeze-style tailpiece to hook around the rear strap button as the second anchor point.

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I've got one of these as well. At first when I saw this guitar I thought to myself "That's not a REAL SG." But you know, every time I would walk by one, the axe just called at my attention. You know, kinda like the plain jane woman we first ignore but then one day you think, "Hey, there is something going on here." Well, like that plain jane little girl this blue axe really rocks. The action is great, the tone is wonderful and I find my self picking up "The Blue Paddle" often for practice. I am really glad I added this to my collection. This one is a keeper.


Sometime things are not as they initially seem. Sometime a closer look can really open your eyes...and ears in this case.



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