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I could not believe my ears!!!


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I have mostly checked out of the new music scene since the mid '90's. Being raised in the '70's, I grew up on '60's, 70's music mostly, and that has always been my favorite.


But I was in REI today looking at biking gear, and I heard this over the speaker system. This is one of the few songs I have heard in the past 12 years that has given me that good drunk on the music feeling, I just had to stop and listen. So beautiful. Especially the harmonies after 3:06:




Anyone know anything about these cats?


Check out the far out guitar at 3:06. What is that?:


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The Fleet Foxes are just superb and you're right about their harmonies-they are about the tightest in the business.If you like F.F. you'd really like Rogue Wave especially their Asleep At Heaven's Gate CD.

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Not quite Crosby Stills Nash and Young but ok...

That's funny you say that because when I heard them I thought "Wow, they sound like a modern CSNY". Turns out that one of them is a Neil Young fan.

That sprinkled guitar at the 3:25 minute mark sounds like Neil's electric playing. Also like that Byrds style guitar playing.

I haven't heard any of their other songs, but I'd put this one up there with a CSNY hit - music/singing quality-wise. (Please don't run me outta town on a rail.). I don't know enough about lyrics to say.


The neat thing is that a band that sounds like 1968 has made it in this modern, computerized music world.Far out, man!

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