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J-45 Legend sound clip


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So I tried to record some sound clips of my J-45 Legend this weekend, but could not get my technology working. I did, however, find this clip I recorded about 6 months ago that I had completely forgotten about. A quick demo of the Rolling Stones' version of the classic Robert Johnson song "Love in Vain."


I really don't know much about recording, so the bass on this is boomy and I didn't know how to control or fix that. Also, at the time I recorded this, I had had the guitar for about 6 months. The bass was still pretty tight. It has opened up some since then, and I expect it will continue to open up for some time to come (adirondack top). Other than the bass, I think the rest of the tonal spectrum is pretty representative of the actual guitar.


I use Pyramid phosphor bronze strings, medium guage (13s). Hope you enjoy, and that this helps anyone who might be considering buying one of these. I have had the guitar for almost a year now, and I love it!


My link


If the link does not work, go to Soundcloud.com and search user name "gotthesilver".

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Man that sounds great!! How do you find the neck?


Thanks. As I said, I am really happy with the guitar, and I really expect it will just improve with age.


As for the neck, that is an interesting thing. It is a huge baseball bat of a neck. If you have not played a J-45 Legend, do not underestimate the size of the neck. It is big! The first time I played one in a store, I A/Bed it against a True Vintage. I liked the sound of the Legend better, but thought there was no way I could possibly get used to that neck. Then over time I played a few more Legends, and the neck still felt big, but not as unmanageable. I decided to take the plunge when I found one on eBay last Summer for a good price. I got used to the neck very quickly, actually, and now find it very comfortable to play. The only difficulty I still have is getting my thumb over the edge to fret the low E string. But I had to do that several times in this sound clip, and I don't think you can hear much of a problem with it.


I saw your other thread where you say you are thinking about buying one. I hope this helps.


By the way, I recorded this with a Blue Spark microphone into a Guitar Rig Session I/O box into my laptop. If I remember correctly, the mic was about a foot from the guitar, directly in front of the 12th fret.

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I think you have a really good pick for arpeggio type flat playing, I use either the Dunlop gator .71 or BlueChipTD35 for that kind of riff. The BlueChip can be a little too ringy at times and the gator can be a little too flat at times... both have a good balance in stiffness.

Keith should be honored by your playing and great sounding git.

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