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its official, my guitar teacher loves my Vox


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Hendrix used Marshall's and 25 watt Greenback Celestion's. Marshall has a special Celestion G12C green back made for the Hendrix stack also avalible with the Vintage Modern series but can't be order from Celestion, I think you can get them from Marshall only.

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There wasn't a lot of speaker choice like there is now.


You had Celestions (Greenback, G-12H30, Alnico Blue. There was no Vintage 30, G-12 65, G-12 75, etc), JBLs, Oxfords, Jensons, Altec Lansing.


No Eminence, no Electro-Voice, no Tone Tubby, no Scumback, etc.


That was when it was all about the music, and the guitar-playing public hadn't hit the gearhead phase, which is obviously in full-throttle now.


You were lucky to have a nice guitar and a Marshall. For fx, you had wah, fuzz, Uni-Vibe, tremolo, spring and plate reverb, tape echo, and the rotating speaker.


There was no boost (except for the Rangemaster, and a few years later, the EHX LPB-1), distortion, overdrive, etc. Amps didn't even have preamp gain. The only way to get dirt was to crank your amp.


And there was no disputing about small details. It was about how you played, not what you played.


I think us guitar players are too spoiled nowadays. Back then, we weren't spoonfed.

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I'd get a 2x12 extension cab so you can have a half stack at about half the weight. The back panel from my cab has got to be at least 50-75 lbs. It's a really bad thing to be moving around, and to believe the guy who gave it to me gigged it for 5 or so years, and to believe I want to jump into the DC punk scene with it ;-;


(it has no casters)


Hernia, here I come.

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