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EBay cool Maple AJ, 1995 What do you think?


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Please chime in on this interesting model.Used FS on EBay:




I am looking for some of the slightly different rosewood Gibsons out there with a 1 11/16th" nut max not the typical 1 23/32" AJ nut. The short scale would be nice but this one isn't.


Here's some of our correspondence what the owner claims:


" Its a sweet neck.I play with pick/fingers jazz blues instrumental stuff all over the neck,thats why I favor maple guitars,they have more mid & highs & really ring.That's why the great gibson acoustic archtops are maple.I once had a 1930 Gibson L-5 that I sold to David Grisman the famous mandolin player who did alot of recordings with Jerry Garcia.That guitar was a monster.The cool thing about this guitar is it also is a cannon with huge bass so it's very rounded.Have you ever listened to the 1st "tone poems" CD Grisman did with Tony Rice? The 1st song on the CD, Grisman used a 1905 Gibson A-4.It's featured in the CD booklet.I sold that Mando to David back about 1990."


"This guitar is close to dead mint.No Dings/scratches,If it was hung up in a shop it would pass for new.The blond finish has darkened some over the yrs as all natural laquer finish will.I love the look of the old aged blond Gibson's. Guitars action is sweet & low set for DAdarrio lights.You can flat pick it hard/drive "no fret buzz" Plays sweet all the way up the neck.The guitar has lived most of it's life in my safe.twice a yr I would put new strings on her & play it for awhile then tuck it away. This guitar is the best Bozeman I have ever played,that's why I sold the Fergueson/Walker Brazillian SJ & the killer 96 J-185 I had.If this guitar was a daily player she would open up more & that's a good thing.I play mostly jazz now & spend most my time on my 1956 ES-175."


"It has the ORIG 25 1/2" AJ scale length.The out side NUT WIDTH is approx 1 11/16th". Was asked about the tone of this guitar by a few folks.The guitar is FEATHER LIGHT for a MAPLE guitar.The guitar is very loud/cannon like with killer mid & high's but has very strong bass also-very even tonally.AS A SIDE NOTE!!I was also looking at a few of the later so called Bozeman Iron Mountain Gibson "sunburst" BIRDSEYE AJ CUSTOMS on the net & the birdseye is "WEAK" to say the least COMPARED to this guitar. No wonder Gibson is doing the dark toned finish on the B&S."

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I'm not quite clear about your statement "I am looking for some of the slightly different rosewood Gibsons out there". So you're really looking for a rosewood Gibson rather than maple, or did you mean "something slightly different than rosewood Gibsons out there"? Big difference between rosewood and maple


As far as the guitar in question: This guy sounds like quite the salesperson. I wouldn't be thrilled at that price.


I have two AJs - one rosewood and one maple and both have wider/beefier necks than my J-45 TV which is one of the things I like about them. Now the '95 model might indeed have a more narrow nut width, but the shape/depth of the neck is also important.


I'm definitely not in agreement with his statement that maple used in other Custom Shop Birdseye AJs are visually weak in comparison.


Here's the 2007 model that I picked up earlier this year:




It looks like he does offer a 14 day return policy at least. If you like the looks of the guitar and are willing to compromise on the scale length (which does make quite a difference in feel) then you might consider checking it out.

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yaeh I wonder if me advertising here tipped the scales to the sellers favor? Oh WEll. The neck profile looked kind of weird from the pictures and I am better off with a 24.75" scale guitar. Sure hope the new owner loves it. It is an interesting model. I think I rather have flamed maple than birds eye anyhow. Love your 2007. It is stunning. I might try the Sheryl Crows , 180 cutaways and SJ's too someplace 2 hours away if I ever get the motivation. I will be doing the acoustic duo on my trusty 2003, Rosewood, J45 tomorrow at my friends wedding. Enjoy the weekend, Mike

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@88mmll - Are you actively seeking out a short scale rosewood AJ? I have one. I was getting ready to post this info online. Check it out. If you are interested please email me at ptmurphymagic@gmail.com


2006 Advanced Jumbo Short Scale- ***Players Package***


For Sale:

2006 Gibson Advanced Jumbo- Short Scale

This is 1 of 5 built for GuitarSale.com. They had commissioned 20 guitars in different tone woods. This is one of the Five Rosewood models built for them.

Sitka Spruce top

Indian Rosewood back and sides

Bone Nut

Bone Saddle

Bone Bridge Pins

Upgrades I have added – All recently:

Nickel Waverly Open Back Tuners- BRAND NEW! I just swapped out the Grovers as they were a bit wore out. The Waverly tuners really do make a difference.

K & K Pure Mini Pick Up professionally installed- Recently Installed

K & K Pure Mini XLR Preamp – This is like brand new

15’ XLR Cable- This cable is almost brand new I have done one gig with it so far

Leather Levy Guitar Strap

John Pearse Rosewood Armrest- I know, people say WTF? They can’t tell the difference. I can, and I love it and I am saying that you will too. It is comfortable and really lets the guitar ring when I am just hanging out and playing. Plus it gives my sweaty arm a place to rest. If it was good enough for Doc Watson, it is good enough for me.


This guitar WANTS to continue to be played. It wants to smell the stale beer and ball sweat of a hot Houston Honky Tonk. It wants to witness the bass players girlfriend as you serenade her from a far, sending your bass player into fits of rage. (‘Cause let’s be honest, you are better for her than he is.) In an alternate universe I have been serenading my three year old son on this. His favorite is "Folsom Prison Blues". Kids these days!



On a scale of 1 – 10 this guitar is about a 7 as far as imperfections go. It has been played. The case looks like it has been around the world and back. The finish on the guitar is in surprisingly good shape, there is a small ding on the lower bought and surface scratches from picking and strumming, but nothing that can’t be buffed out. The neck is in great shape. No dings. The fretboard is in great shape as well.


I am only asking $2,200.00 for the whole package. You pay shipping and insurance. I would prefer NOT to deal with PayPal. Anybody that wants to do PayPal must agree to split the fees.


I will post pictures shortly. As soon as I can figure out how to work this picture taking machine.

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I own one of the sisters/brothers to this guitar. It's a '95 also with the same trim appointments, so it's got to be from the same run. Wish there was a readable picture of the label in the auction listin, but mine just says "Advanced Jumbo Birdseye". I also have a '90 AJ and the two guitars are quite different-sounds are different as one might expect given the wood variations. but the neck profiles vary also-the '95 has a bigger neck with more rounded shoulders.

Both guitars came from the same guy-the '90 is in mint condition, but the '95 had a broken top on both sides of the neck. I took a chance on it for $400 and one of our local luthiers was able to fix it with no problem.It's a great player and one of my favorites.

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