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What do you think about this Ebay sale


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Ok My opinions only, other opinions my vary!


Not really suspicious, just someone trying to make something more out of what this is.



"Up for sale is a rare vintage 1985 Gibson Les Paul Studio Limited Edition"


Ok I'll bite, What is "rare" about this? Seems a fairly common studio to me. and "Vintage" is just a word that is way over used on fleabay.


"But most importantly, over 27 years, this guitar has reached its magical age (you know what I am talking about); it is producing the legendary vintage warm, mellow tone!"


yes, we know what you're talking about, there's name for this - it's called hogwash!


The only magic here is that there's no headstock damage cuz I was expecting to see a glue seam


IMHO, I'd just move along.


No way that's worth $1k.

maybe half that -- Maybe...

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I tend to agree with KIDBLAST on this. But in addition, there are a few things that point to the seller not knowing what he is talking about, or just making things up.


Mainly, there is no "golden era" regarding mid-eighties/nineties Gibsons, at least not anything I have ever heard. And I don't see anything about this guitar that indicates "limited edition". The fretboard is rosewood, not ebony as he calls it.


He claims the guitar wieghs 6 1/2 pounds, which would be extremely light. But what seems just as likely is that perhaps he doesn't know how to weigh a guitar. Regardless of what it actually wieghs though, there is no real reason that would make it more valueable or no indication that a lighter guitar from that era would make it worth more even if it is a rare occurance.


When the Studio first came out (roughly '83) they were made of alder instead of the normal woods usual for an LP. They also did Studios that were thinner in the body than a normal LP. These were cost cutting features. There may be more "different" woods or construction details from that era I don't know about, or might be rare because they didn't last long.


I think generally, a dot studio from that time would go for about 650 or so. If there are different construction details such as smaller dimensions or different woods, they are considered less desirable and are worth less. I agree with KIDBLAST assesment of MAYBE 500 bucks if that is the case.

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Personally I wouldn't go near it for that much considering that for less than that you can get a brand new '59 of '60 Tribute Epiphone Les Paul.These are simply great guitars and have an incredible sound as the pickups are patterned after the old PAFs and really do sound amazingly like the PAF pickups.I played one several months ago and it was the the finest Les Paul I ever played,just a surprisingly great guitar and well worth the $1030 price tag on it.The only reason that I didn't buy this guitar is because I was after buying 5 guitars and 3 or 4 amps in the previous few months and the little woman would have most likely gone on the warpath.

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