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my Epiphone Genesis Custom 1980


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I just got my Genesis Custom 1980 today the guitar is in very good shape play well everything original. but is the second Genesis i saw with Scallop fretboard. the first one i saw on the web was a black deluxe but some people say the genesis never come with scallop. but look mine if it was home made the job was done pretty well because you can see the black original line

here some pic



and here the scallop fretboard and look you can see the original black line. if is not epiphone they did that on custom. the job was made by a pro


i just find on the epiphone genesis lover some pic of the custom and the neck look the same at me it probably not a scallop fretboard because the fingerboard are not scallop just the side of the neck

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one more thing i forgot to say this guitar have very long sustain. than almost when the sustain start to dead it start to feedback just like hendrix wow

and this guitar for me is better than new Gibson les paul they made today

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hi Dan, CONGRATS!!

nice Geni! looks good for 30 years old...

i have 2 Genesis Custom.

The nibs on the end of the frets are one of the big differences between my 79 Custom and my 80 Custom.

In my 79 the finish are beautiful, on the 80s Custom version are is slightly different, more the like yours pics shows,

Both guitars are great, sound, and feel.


here is the nibs on the 79 unit.





here is few anothers pics!







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