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got a show this afternoon (video)

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Just came back from a show, it was good, I only have seen the bass player and the drummer 2 times before the show so, it was more a jam than a show, full of small (or big:)) mistakes but I enjoyed it; it was more than on year since I didn't play live.


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I put some more:



and this one (it hurts me because, I have done 2 notes from the Cminor scale (because I use to play it in C minor) and we were in B minor [cursing] but anyway the feel is there so sorry for these mistakes:


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You play Eric Clapton well! You all look/sound up-tight as a band thow... Relax and you could have some thing good. [thumbup]


Thank you, like I said I just now them for one week and a half, so it was really more a jam as we didn't have worked the end of the songs, and even the set list was only define 2 days before the show :)

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