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Les Paul relic


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its kindof hard to naturallly relic a les paul. you might get some paint checking, hardware dulling, but rarely do you see john mayerlike strat relic on a lester, well except for MAX, lol.

less is more. leaves me to wonder if theyre using nitrocellulose finish, is it the prep stage that helps the paint showing wear, or is it more coats?

Ive always been more of a strat player, and have gone through some les pauls, that i never connected to, had one around for extra tones.

funny thing i bought a studio 50s tribute, and fell in love with lesters. Used to see them as one trick ponies, now i see their very

versatile. Now anytime i go to a jam i take my les paul studio, and my fender HR62 stratocaster. the les paul gets more play. My strat is still my Numero Uno, but i love playing my paul. sorry for the morning rant.

thats a nice paul Bender

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