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My R8 gets a bit of a look change


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I tried to tweak the setup of the bursbuckers but ultimately I never really liked the sound. Close to the strings you get mid-range but get muddy with gain, away from the strings you get clarity but less mid-range and too much of an open sound.


I like the vintage sound, cleans and mild overdriven sounds of the burstbucker set and the nice harmonics but I always end up dialing in a semi-compressed overdrive which gets muddy in the end.


Enter DiMarzio 36th anniversary pickups with alnico 5 magnets, more gain on the bridge pickup (8.75Kohms vs 8.12Kohms of the burstbucker) same reading on the neck pickup more clarity and less bass which was much more pronounced in the Burstbuckers.


The DiMarzio's sound more compressed, a bit more aggressive and less vintage but in the end that is the sound I try to dial in out of the burstbuckers,


Creme bobbins and pickup rings, (I sanded down the rings for ideal height, I like the bobbins to stick out just a tiny bit out.















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The creme bobbins make it look like something Ace Frehley (I think he had a 59' style LP in the late 80s/early 90s with DiMarzios. Seriously, I love this guy a little too much) would play, or one of Joe Walsh's Bursts he used to play in the 70s.


I've always loved the double-creme look.

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Thanks guys, it almost looks like a new guitar to me.


Oh yea, that rifle rest is perfect for working on guitars.


The DiMarzios are such a different beast, a thinner sounding than the Burstbuckers with sharper highs, definitely more similar to Burstbucker Pros.

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