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Why no P-90's SG with maestro ?


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Who Knows?! Back in the day (early-mid '60's) you could "special order" a Maestro

(or Bigsby) on just about ANY guitar model, SG or otherwise. That seems not to be

the case, now.


THEY decide, what will come with a Maestro, and what won't, apparently. OR, the "up

charge," is so much, it discourages those kinds of special orders. The "add on" charge,

originally, back then, only marginally higher (to cover the cost of the unit, and it's

installation), than with a "stop tail." Frankly, I wish they'd go back to that way of

doing things. But, I suppose the amount of guitars they have to make, and SELL, anymore,

makes that prohibitive? Again...who knows.


Maybe someone from Gibson, will enlighten us? [tongue]



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