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  1. In Topic:The Gibson Burstdriver Standard

    Yesterday, 07:23 PM

    just my opinion, but i like the concept. it's a functional idea that many different styles can make at least some use of. the fact you can adjust settings with a pick is very cool too. i love the idea that they are trying new things. not every idea they have is a good one, but babe ruth didnt hit home runs every time either.
    that said, why not use a lithium ion battery? it's not like they're hard to get. i see them in pedals now. charge it before you go on, no worries about dead batteries in the middle of your blazing solo. no need to buy expensive 9 volts continuously. i had a violetta delay that had that, and i absolutely loved it.
  2. In Topic:NAD

    Yesterday, 10:39 AM

    i LOVE the t/a amps, especially the 15. good score!
  3. In Topic:Can we guess your highest education level?

    Yesterday, 10:37 AM

    View PostCougar, on 22 July 2017 - 07:26 AM, said:

    Too bad you can't get a PhD by taking a multiple choice test. I found most of those questions to be decidedly highschool-ish. And too many questions were about Shakespeare or the bible. What if your PhD is in mathematics?

    my score was 75% it says i have a phd. i never actually attended high school. i dropped out in the 9th grade, went back at night and got a ged, and the remaining 3 credits to get a graduation certificate. i didn't even finish trade school. i think you're right about that test
  4. In Topic:3 Strikes Your Out, PRS Blows You Away Gibson

    20 July 2017 - 01:29 PM

    i don't see evidence of the bad QC that the internet suggests. that doesn't mean it isn't there. just not my experience. however, when they employ people full-time who's job is strictly QC , there should be very, very few bad ones going out the door. i bought mine sight unseen and had confidence doing so. i was not disappointed in any way. i dont consider a guitar neededin set up adjustments to be a defect. wood moves when moved around to different climates. minor adjustments are to be expected.
  5. In Topic:Tell Me About My 2014 LP ES

    19 July 2017 - 02:47 PM

    you should post pics because, guitar porn. who could possibly not want to see it?



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