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  1. I have a Les Paul Axcess Bengal Burst on order since February. It's supposedly due soon as it "went to press" in August. Haven't had the chance to get one in my hands so I am getting mine on blind faith that the beauty, playability and tone won't be disappointing.
  2. Isn't that damage and flaking kinda like buying a pair of holey, ripped up jeans. I'm sorry, but when I buy something new, I want it to look new. I'll crap it up soon enough by myself.
  3. I'm really digging my Blondie Deluxe. Cranked it up to do Credence version of Midnight Special. WOW. Fender nailed the digital version.
  4. They all got some of my money. All good places.
  5. Thank you!! Yeah, that guy was just flogging the hell out of that poor guitar and amp. I try to keep the local shops busy. Dave's has been really good to me. Really gave me a good deal trading in my old amp. Their new store in Milwaukee, WI is really nice. Ben is an Outstanding Manager and the Repair Guys are the best. I asked for a bit of a tweak on the neck relief on my SG-12 and they were happy to accommodate me. Dave's in La Crosse, WI is their Parent store and is Guitar Heaven. The one in Madison, WI is also great. They all do On-Line shopping and have a great selection. I'm Glad I live close to the Milwaukee shop. The Custom Shop will be shipping my Les Paul there. They will ensure the setup is right for me.
  6. I went with the Blonde Deluxe Reverb. Sounded great and comes with the cover and two button footswitch. Still exploring it. Some clown in the store was abusing an amp, guitar, and my ears while I was there, but was able to determine it would work for me. Can't wait to plug in my Les Paul Access Bengal Burst when the Custom Shop sends it. Should be pretty soon. They said it went to "press" on July 6th.
  7. Thanks for the info, Kidblast! I guess I misunderstood the comments and further researching I discovered the different speakers. I am leaning on the Blonde Deluxe. Heading out today to give them a test using my SG12. I have a Les Paul Access Bengal Burst coming soon. Can't wait to give it a go on whatever I decide on.
  8. They have the Super, Twin, and Deluxe versions. Were you guys serious about the color making a difference in sound? Or was that a joke? Can the balanced line out XLR be plugged into a PA like a Bose or others. I'm looking to play it at smaller venues with electric guitars, vocal mics, and mic-ing an acoustic guitar.
  9. I'm heading to a good local shop to test out amps this week. I will be trying out '68 and '65 Fenders along side the new TMs. Leaning towards the TMDR if it sounds right to me. Might even pop for the Twin TMDR. We'll see.
  10. I used a folding guitar stand with foam protection on contact points for years without any noticeable harm or damage to five guitars. Those five stands did create a bit of a clutter, so I built a stand similar to CNJs. Last year I decided to go with a cabinet that would provide a more stable environment and better protect the guitars from damage. My guest bedroom became my music room when my husband turned my music/office room to his home office to work from home because of covid. A Murphy bed allowed me to accommodate guests and afford me the music room I needed. I purchased a cabinet from Access N Sight and use one of the folding stands during session breaks. Now my guitars are safe, out of the way when not being played, and environmentally controlled. Not a solution for everyone, but a consideration if you can afford it.
  11. I prefer Pepsi with real sugar. Yes this is STUPID. LOL
  12. Never owned a Gibson acoustic. I had a 1963 SG jr., own a 2011 50th anniversary SG 12, and have a 2021 Les Paul Access Bengal Burst on the way from the Custom Shop. I do own a Martin D12-28 and a D45V. Love them both. Also own a Yairi DY95 of 1974 vintage and an older Yairi 12 string. I like it when I hear a good Gibson acoustic being played. Not sure if it's sound augmentation, but usually not thrilled when I play them. The sound to me is just too heavy. Not Angelic like my Martins.
  13. Wood and coatings will shrink over time. That joint could be perfect and could eventually settle or open. keeping the guitar in a stable environment can help. Humidity and temperature levels are important to all wood articles.
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