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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! GuitarsAnn [smile]
  2. Thank you!! I remember now, the "Trading Post". Wasn't looking to sell anything. Maybe looking for a Les Paul. GuitarsAnn
  3. I haven't been on the forum for a while and I was wondering about the "For Sale" Thread. Wasn't there one in the past? GuitarsAnn
  4. I think the color discontinuity in the neck is just the change in the endgrain in the transition area. The exposed endgrain will always apear darker in mahogany. Maple necks tend not to be so dark. Look's like a great guitar to me. GuitarsAnn
  5. Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!! GuitarsAnn [smile] [smile]
  6. Aiky Breaky?? That is awful!!!! Ever since I saw the movie "Monte Walsh" last weekend. I've had "The good times are coming" (Mama Cass) in my head. I want to get the chording for the song, but can't find it. Love the song and want to add it to my list. Plenty of Utube stuff. GuitarsAnn
  7. Here's my SG12 GuitarsAnn
  8. Good news!! Getting rid of a bunch of senseless gimmicks nobody needed or wanted. GuitarsAnn
  9. Thanks, Drog!! I've read a lot of reviews and most seem very positive. GuitarsAnn :)
  10. I'm think about getting the Bose L1 1S System/B2 Bass With Tone Match Engine for doing some small solo and duo gigs. Would be using acoustic guitars either mic'd or with PUs, one or two mics for vocals, and SG12 or Les Paul guitars. Anyone have any info, experience, or opinions on the Bose L1 systems? GuitarsAnn :unsure:
  11. Mader's is pretty good. Weisgerber's out in Waukesha is probably better. Mitchel's for fish out in Brookfield Square, and Flemming's for steak, also Brookfield Square. GuitarsAnn
  12. Hang in there!! I quit in 1984, cold turkey, and never went back. I was a 2+ pack a day smoker (Camel straights). The physical habit goes away as does the emotional dependency, but the good memories of a smoke last. That will get you back if you don't stay away from other smokers as much as possible. My hubby did not smoke and that helped. Stay STRONG!!! GuitarsAnn
  13. Early reports someone said they were carrying a guitar case, so they must be looking for a gig somewhere. GuitarsAnn
  14. At the risk of dating myself, Santo and Johnny's Sleepwalk got me interested in playing the guitar. I loved the steel guitar in that tune, although I never played one. My parents purchased my first guitar about in 1963, a Gibson Les Paul Jr. SG. Wish I still had it. GuitarsAnn
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