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  1. My husband and I both had the virus and have the antibodies now. I'm with Rand Paul.
  2. Never owned a Gibson acoustic. I had a 1963 SG jr., own a 2011 50th anniversary SG 12, and have a 2021 Les Paul Access Bengal Burst on the way from the Custom Shop. I do own a Martin D12-28 and a D45V. Love them both. Also own a Yairi DY95 of 1974 vintage and an older Yairi 12 string. I like it when I hear a good Gibson acoustic being played. Not sure if it's sound augmentation, but usually not thrilled when I play them. The sound to me is just too heavy. Not Angelic like my Martins.
  3. Wood and coatings will shrink over time. That joint could be perfect and could eventually settle or open. keeping the guitar in a stable environment can help. Humidity and temperature levels are important to all wood articles.
  4. Well I guess I am ignoring my pledge. I'm having the Custom Shop make one for me to my specs. WooHoo!!
  5. What is sad is some people have ordered this guitar expecting the cherry finish as the website shows and are disappointed when it arrives. That really sucks. I guess I won't buy anything I can't look at and play first. The only guitar I ever purchased without seeing and playing first was my 50th Anniversary SG12. No More. Ann
  6. I'm interested in the Les Paul Axcess Custom Bengal Burst but I am seeing it with the Cherry Mahogany back and the Black back. Was there a change in how these guitars are finished? I would love to get one with the Cherry back, neck, and sides like it is shown on the website. Don't really care for the black. Anyone have any insight ? Thanks.
  7. I'm hoping the price will be similar to the other Custom Shop SGs unless they add for being an Anniversary model. I only paid about $1500 for my 50th Anniversary SG12, but that was 10 years ago. I do hope they silkscreen the 60th Anniversary on the headstock. I have to have the Cherry Red. I oggled one back in 1963. My parents popped for the SG Jr back then. Unfortunately I lost it a while back in hard times.
  8. Any new info out there on the 60th Anniversary SGs? I see the cheaper SGs and the 64 SG with the new style vibrola. I'm interested in the 61 with the sideways vibrola, but not the cheaper version. I was under the impression a better Custom Shop version was going to be offered. GuitarsAnn
  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! GuitarsAnn [smile]
  10. Thank you!! I remember now, the "Trading Post". Wasn't looking to sell anything. Maybe looking for a Les Paul. GuitarsAnn
  11. I haven't been on the forum for a while and I was wondering about the "For Sale" Thread. Wasn't there one in the past? GuitarsAnn
  12. I think the color discontinuity in the neck is just the change in the endgrain in the transition area. The exposed endgrain will always apear darker in mahogany. Maple necks tend not to be so dark. Look's like a great guitar to me. GuitarsAnn
  13. Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!! GuitarsAnn [smile] [smile]
  14. Aiky Breaky?? That is awful!!!! Ever since I saw the movie "Monte Walsh" last weekend. I've had "The good times are coming" (Mama Cass) in my head. I want to get the chording for the song, but can't find it. Love the song and want to add it to my list. Plenty of Utube stuff. GuitarsAnn
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