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  1. Tailgaters when I am already doing 30 mph above the speed limit. Drivers who swerve into my lane while they are texting their moron friends. Women who marry me, only to to take all my money and half my stuff years later. Ultra-heavy guitar strings, mounted on every single new guitar in every single guitar shop around the world. Battleship cables they are. Antennae guy-wires. Everybody knows that guitar strings should be light or extra-light. Guys who sit in the guitar shop and play Sweet Child O' Mine, poorly.
  2. Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickup. Billy Gibbons achieves the tone you desire with it, so I can only image that pickup would do the trick.
  3. I would buy the blemished one for $1,400, in ebony. And I would leave it bone-stock.
  4. My Epiphone sounds like the actress Bette Davis. Many is the time I have been back in the music room, playing away on that guitar, and my wife will burst in. "What's going on? Do you have a woman in here?" "No, of course not. I'm just playing some guitar, and working on some tunes for the next gig." "Well, I heard a woman's voice, and I want to know what exactly is the deal back here in this music room!" "The deal is, I am playing my Epiphone, and it sounds like Bette Davis. Listen, have you ever heard the expression, 'woman tone', ever in your life?" "You mean a woman-tone like a Gibson, big, fat, Billy Gibbons, humbucking guitar tone?" "Exactly. Well, my Epiphone isn't just blessed with a big fat woman tone, it's a very specific woman tone. Bette Davis, in this case." (plays a figure, and makes the guitar squawk and howl for just a few syllables) "Oh holy hell. Bette Davis. Okay, I understand now, and I apologize." "No big deal, dear. Just make me a sandwich, and bring me another cold beer." "Don't press your luck, mister B-grade Rick Derringer." :( :huh:
  5. Oh man. My band has endured outdoor gigs this past year like you wouldn't believe! Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Big challenges for moisture control and for keeping guitars in tune when it's either hot and moist or cold and dry. You just have to keep soft cotton bandanas or terry-cloth towels handy, plenty of Finger-Eaze, and check your tuning more often than you think you should!!!
  6. Das ist eine schöne gitarre, Timo. Ich lebte in Frankfurt in 1970 und 1971, als ich in der Mittelschule war. Jahre später, lebte ich in Mainz, Bad Kreuznach, Illesheim und Fulda. Ich konnte es sich nicht leisten eine Gibson , so dass ich einen Kramer Ferrington und eine Epiphone gespielt. Glücklicherweise besitze ich jetzt eine sehr schöne Gibson-Gitarre, ein Gibson Les Paul Studio Copper Top. Meine Schwiegereltern leben noch in Mannheim Sandhofen. Alle die besten wünsche für Sie, mein Freund. :)
  7. I'm looking forward to the photos. I myself had a 1996 Les Paul, a black Studio with gold pickup covers and bits. Sold it three years ago to help pay for a wedding. Have since re-stocked my Les Paul fix with a really nice copper-top.
  8. I am proud of you, Bence. Life can surprise you with her twists and turns, this much is true. I myself am a merely average guitar player, but my voice is pretty good. I sing typically quite high, like Neil Young, as a point of reference. The girl singer in my band laughs all the time; When we harmonize behind my brother (any time he carries the lead on a given song) I go for the high harmonies and she goes middle-low. It's funny.
  9. If I had an autographed guitar, signed by an artist that I loved and admired, I would cherish it and never let it go. Neil &/or Tim Finn, for instance. Elvis Costello. Jeff Lynne. Bonnie Raitt. George Harrison. Neil Young, even. I would apply carnauba paste wax over the signature, and I would keep it and preserve it from ever fading. A few layers of clear-coat, followed by the wax, might be warranted. But I would never sell it. If, however, I had a guitar with a signature on it from some other artist that I didn't particular care anything about, I would sell that beeotch just as soon as I could, and I would never look back. :unsure:
  10. Sounds great!! Thanks for sharing that! (I am a huge Neil Finn/Crowded House fan, always have been.)
  11. Hmmmmm...... I use extra light strings myself, and I have never had a properly set-up guitar suffer from string buzz. Truth be told, as we transition from warm weather to autumn chill, it's natural that things change in the neck geometry. gania13, a few questions; * when did you first notice the string buzz? * do you play the SG often? * do you consider yourself a fairly experienced guitar technician/set-up guy? * how does the neck look when you stare down it from the flat aspect? Any twist or malformation? * is there any chance another household member accidentally dropped the guitar when you were not around? Just curious.
  12. The Firebird Studio that was produced from 2004 to 2008 was available in either Ebony or Cherry finishes. The pickups were alnico humbuckers, the 490R and the 498T. The Firebird Studio '70's Tribute Model (produced from 2012 on) comes in Satin Ebony, Satin Cherry, Satin Silverburst, or Satin Sunburst finishes. They come equipped with two 'dual-blade' humbuckers. The Firebird Studio Non-Reverse Model comes in Pelham Blue or Vintage Sunburst finishes. It features three coil-tapped P-90 pickups. I hope this helps!!
  13. randyc, You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir. Thank you very much for your generosity, your passion, and your spirit of sharing. I work with a pair of instrumentation technicians here at a military flight test center. These two guys are mad scientists, really. They are forever designing and building tube amps and guitar effects pedals. (I own one of the former and two or three of the latter.) I would like to pass on the link and the information for your book to them, if you don't mind. It's not like they don't already do fine work, but I am certain they would enjoy drawing from your wisdom and experience. :)
  14. Jeff Lynne. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/premiere-jeff-lynne-covers-soul-nugget-mercy-mercy-20120921
  15. D'Addario EJ15 Extra Lights. Hands down, the best strings. :)
  16. sparquelito

    Bummed out

    I have come to know and own many used instruments. I love to buy brand new, don't get me wrong. But I have found quite a few diamonds in the rough, so to speak!! :lol:
  17. If you remove the neck from the guitar, you may find the year of manufacture (of the neck anyway) penciled in on the root end of the maple. There are four phillips-head screws that you remove from the square chrome plate on the back of the guitar, where the neck is inserted into the body. There's no guarantee that you will find the neck builders initials there, but that is a common practice.
  18. Oh, and my condolences on the passing of your father. That is tough, I know! :(
  19. ksdaddy is correct on all points. That is an L6-S in the most popular finish of the time, natural maple. According to the Blue Book, it is considered worth, depending upon condition and originality of all the parts: Mint condition: $1,100 Excellent + condition: $875 Excellent condition: $725 Very good +: $550 Very good: $450 Good: $350 I really dig that guitar, no matter if it's not bone-stock or not. In the condition displayed, I believe you could fairly ask $700 or $750 for it.
  20. e-Chords displays their primary interpretation of the song Angie as it being in the key of Am. http://www.e-chords.com/chords/the-rolling-stones/angie My bandmates and I (none of us properly school-trained, or able to read a note of sheet music) generally call a song 'in the key of' whatever cord the song starts out in. For instance, we could play JJ Cale's Call Me The Breeze in either the key of A or the key of E, depending upon which one of us in the band felt like singing the lead. If we kicked into that song then, one of us would call out, "Call Me The Breeze in A," and then we would play in the three chord progression of A, D, and E. If our girl singer says, "Call Me The Breeze in E," we would proceed with the performance in E, A, and B. Key of C, in that same blues progression, would be C, F, and G. It may not be proper, but that's how we do it. And trust me, whatever the girl singer wants, she gets. She's a regular diva, that one. :(
  21. My 2001 Copper Top. I do so love this guitar. :)
  22. Ernie Ball Super Slinky's (.009-.042) or Extra Slinky's (.008 - .038) on my electrics. Depending upon my mood. On the hum-bucking guitars (the Les Paul and the Ibanez Jet King) I tend to favor the Super Slinky's, on everything else, the lighter gauge ones. D'Addario Extra Lights (010-.047) on my acoustics. My ukulele has some nylon strings on it. They are quite old, but they work. I have no idea what gauge they are.
  23. Sono lieto di incontrarmi con voi signori , e sono contento che tutte le differenze vengono messe da parte . Ciao e auguri da Alabama !

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