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pu's hot or not


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Does anyone know a bit about pickups?

Q: I have a pair of Burstbucker Pro's and one is 'hotter' than the other, by a bit, which means one is wound a bit more than the other. Would this mismatch in pu's be a cause of line hum from the guitar's electronics? I mean when the amp is cranked and the vol./tone are on full there's a buzz/hum that goes away when I touch something metal on the guitar or amp (turning the tones down helps this problem). but I wondered about the pu's because I just had the guitar rewired and I know it's properly grounded. There shouldn't be a hum coming from humbuckers.

Would a pair of humbuckers that were evenly wound be silent? That's what I want to discover.

There should be some sort of fix for this electrical hum from the guitar, can anybody fix this on the electronics end?

BTW: the 'hum' is not caused by RF or other electrical appliances in the area. I know what that is and sounds like. The guitar behaves the same whether I'm on my rig or somewhere's else. I've eliminated the RF factor, grounding, and improper wiring. I can't blame cheap equipment because the guitar behaves the same on a larger more powerful amp in another location altogether.

I just wonder if the odd wound Burstbucker Pro pickup set would be the cause of the line buzz.

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Yea, the bridge should be hotter because the strings vibrate less on that area,


Just to give you an idea, my Flying V has a Seymour Duncan Distortion on the bridge that measures 17.4kohms and the neck pickup is an alnico II vintage style pickup that measures 7.7kohms and they balance well with no hum or noise.

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