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Best NPD ever


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Alright guys so as you may know I have a slight obsession with fuzz pedals. By slight I mean severe.


I really don't buy fuzz pedals anymore because I build them myself, but this one that I had made for me is pretty special. It's a replica of the original Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz Tone which is actually the first ever commercially made fuzz pedal. You can hear it on some classic records like Satisfaction by the Stones.


This is the only pic I have right now.



The attention to detail is pretty amazing, and that's why I paid out for it. This is as close to the original as you could possibly get.


I really love the sound of this pedal already.


I'll post a clip and more pics tomorrow

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The transistors are. I have a small bag of RCA 2N270 like these but these seem to be earlier than mine. I think mine are probably from the 70s and these appear to be 60s.


Aside from that it looks like the ceramic caps are NOS. Electrolytics look like new Sprague Atoms and resistors appear to be new carbon comps. Switch looks like a Carling. I like his choice of NOS and new parts. It's a good mix since you wouldn't want old electrolytics or pots anyways.


When you turn the volume pot all the way down it clicks and disconnects the two AA batteries.


The builder goes by the name of Jerms btw. He's the guitarist in a band that I really like called Built to Spill. Check out Carry the Zero by them. It has excellent guitar playing and tones

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Ok.. I recorded this randomly at practice today. It's uhh.. Pretty rough. We slow down randomly for some reason? lol


It was practice


Anyways you should be able to tell when I switch the fuzz on


(can't figure out how to embed the video right now..)

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I have a deep regard for old fuzz pedals too and while I don't have the desirable Gibson Maestro pedal I do have a very rare Tim`s Own Fuzzer Buzzer from circa 1966 that was made somewhere in New England by a little known boutique maker.I also have a 1969 Electro Harmonix Rams head Big Muff Pi and an early 70s Jen Jumbo Fuzz that was made in Italy by Jen Electronics which was the maker of the original Jen Cry Baby wah and was owned by Tom Jennings the owner,creator of the Vox AC-30s and other historic amps.I`d love to be able to get my hands on an old Maestro Fuzz-they just oozed funkiness.

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