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I need help in trying to find out if my J 45 is a real gibson

It has a serial number on headstock and words Made in the USA on the headstock

the serial number would make it a 1971 72 73


But there is no label inside and also no sign that a label was ever there


The truss rod cover has J 45 on it in fancy script


I am including some pics


thanks for any help you can provide

post-60100-093529400 1382922389_thumb.jpg

post-60100-002106000 1382922406_thumb.jpg

post-60100-021964400 1382922414_thumb.jpg

post-60100-069534000 1382922425_thumb.jpg

post-60100-058968200 1382923938_thumb.jpg

post-60100-021652600 1382923946_thumb.jpg

post-60100-025566500 1382923953_thumb.jpg

post-60100-017169600 1382923964_thumb.jpg

post-60100-028216500 1382923971_thumb.jpg

post-60100-072989900 1382923977_thumb.jpg

post-60100-014552900 1382924229_thumb.jpg

post-60100-047270800 1382926897_thumb.jpg

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Are you in Canada? That headstock looks like it was blasted with something? I not an expert at the replica thing -those that might be will likely want a picture of the whole front of the guitar.


i yes i am in canada no what you see on the pic is just dust reflected by the flash

i should have cleaned it off first

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Definitely a real Gibson. My shot is somewhere between late 1969 and 71.

It's probaly rather heavy braced, but still with only one X.


Could be a very nice yet somehow low-voiced guitar.

Especally with the rosewood saddle insert, which could be exchanged with ceramic, , , or something third, forth, fifth. . .

I played one of these a couple of years ago - with fixed saddle. Absolutely not bad.



Don't let the slightly otherly logo tease you - it's ok.

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No one in their right mind would buy the poor thing. The pickgard is covering the rosette. Gibson can't seem to get it right can they?


Weren't you getting a little shirty last week about replies containing sarcasm? Is there one rule for you and another for the rest of us?

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hi tom


just posted some more pics

the bridge has two screws on it

this looks strange to me


hi tom


i was wondering why there was no label inside the guitar or any evidence that a label was ever there

i thought that maybe someone put a gibson neck on a body of another guitar


but another member on here said that this guitar is not valuable enough to go to that trouble

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Here we have one.

For the trained ear it's easy to hear the bulkier bracing.

It's gives a more 1-dimensional projection and keeps the guitar kind of locked.

Some like it this way and these models can be real good for certain recordings as they don't boom away.

A groovy living-room player also, but not the one you bring to a redwine jam with your freinds - simply too quiet.


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