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Vox v-847a wah true bypass


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Is the Vox 847a wah true bypass? I am getting conflicting from web sites.





From VOX's site:


the new Wah-Wah offers guitarists the same legendary tone with the addition of AC power capability and a buffered input jack for preserving the unprocessed guitar tone when the pedal is not engaged. The pedal’s inductor has undergone a redesign to be closer in specification to the original VOX wah inductors' date=' for improved dynamics and tone. These additions will benefit players of all genres who use a wah pedal as an integral part of their sound.[/quote']



...so... YES (kindof) hehehe ... Why couldnt they just say it has true bypass or not??? What's with that "buffered input jack" stuff...


here's the link anyway:




You looking for one of those? I think it is one of the best wah pedals ever... I love mine.

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From the text that Thundergod posted, it looks like it is not true bypass:


buffered input jack for preserving the unprocessed guitar tone when the pedal is not engaged


True bypass would be where the signal passes right from the input to the output without anything else in the middle, like a buffer amp.


Now, that's not to say that the wah is bad just because it is not true bypass; buffer amps in limited quantity can be a good thing for preserving your signal when going over longer runs of cables. In the case of this particular wah, the only real disadvantage I can think of is if you're running the wah before a fuzz or treble boosters as any sort of pedal that is either switched on or not true bypass can drastically alter the sound of those types of pedals. If you're not using a fuzz or treble booster, you have nothing to worry about in that regard.

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This is what MF says about it. Note that it doesn't say 'true bypass'.


The V847A Wah Pedal is a reissue of the wah that changed electric guitar sounds in the '60s. It is built to the exact specifications of the original pedal used by the most influential rock guitarists of all time-totally authentic from its classy chrome top to its legendary growl.


Vox V847A Wah Pedal Specifications:


* Input/Output jacks: INST jack, AMP jack

* Power supply: One 9V DC battery 6F22(S-006P)

* Power consumption: 540uA @ 9VDC

* Battery life for continuous use: approximately >100 hours with manganese battery (will vary depending on conditions)

* Dimensions: 102(W) x 252(D) x 75(H) (including rubber feet, pedal in lowest postion)

* Weight: 1673g (including battery)

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Yea, buffering means not true bypass. Not necessarily a bad thing depending on your rig.


Something tells me that if this pedal was designed back in the day before wireless the buffering is to help with the long cables and therefore impedance issues.


I would try it and see if you like it...

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