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My favorite NGDB song remains:






You're showing yer age there, ZW. That first album was a bit of a west coast mash-up. Seems like most of the those bands in that period/style/locale (the Dead, the Byrds, etc.) had more in common stylistically than they had differences.


NGDB always had that country underpinning that the others kept coming back to.


And, of course, you gotta remember that 18-year-old singer/guitarist/songwriter that was part of the band in the earliest days. Went by the name of Jackson Browne.

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Nick I didn't know that. Crazy!!

My best friend opened for them a couple years back



Browne was only with them for a few months, just before their first album was released. He wrote several of the songs on that album (the one in ZW's post) as I recall.

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