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So i bought a Fender Humboldt Hot Rod...


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Since i started college, my guitar playing has really taken a step back. I sold a few guitars, got rid of all my guitar pedals and even sold the Marshall Haze 40.


This is my first new guitar related object beside strings in the past two years.


So this is basically a Blues Junior III with a different cone, better tubes, blah blah. It's a pro guitar shop special and arguably, maybe the best Fender under $600.


Cleans are very crisp and happy, EP adjustment works on this amp so, it's a lot of fun, unlike most Marshall where only Treble works only after 5 and bass after 8.


I have yet to really crank it, it's the high volumes where the amp comes alive. Good amount of amp distortion, but some of you might need an extra kick from a pedal.


They do advertise this as a pedal friendly amp and from the videos I've seen, it's a lover of all type of pedals. On board reverb is pretty good, but it's still a on board reberb...



Ah, it's ******* good looking. Here are some crappy photos.




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