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Mystery bass project


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Absolutely no restoration. I figure it's earned it's bruises. And there are many. Maybe someday I'll learn the story and I don't want to have done anything irreversible. My choice of pickup will be limited to what will fit in that rout, and I won't alter the knob configuration. All I will do is maybe clean up the mess on the back near the control cavity. It looks like there's old slathered glue or duct tape residue.




Hard to say with this bass. It HAD to have been beat up on the road. And it wasn't a $100 Squier to begin with, so I'm thinking it might have been in a 'real band' for some years. And probably not a country band. Probably not metal either. Some Bootsy Collins type funk band?


Yeah, I'm stereotyping. I think it's a safe bet in this instance.

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