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Rich Robinson ES-335


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Ohh that's nice.... whats with that weird Custom Made plate? Kinda spoils the look a bit for me.. but just a bit though :)




As guitarist and founding member of the Black Crowes, Rich Robinson has earned nearly as solid a reputation for his love of fine guitars as he has for his juicy, swaggering riffs. The new Rich Robinson ES-335 nails exactly what Rich loves in a vintage early 60s ES-335: killer authentic faded-Cherry looks, creamy yet clear PAF tones, and the added versatility of a genuine Bigsby vibrato with traditional Custom Made plate to cover the stopbar stud holes.


This small block incarnation of the fabled ES-335 is dear to the hearts of many great players, and youll find its full mojo embodied in the Rich Robinson ES-335. Built to the original ES-335 semi-hollow design with a body made from maple laminates and a solid center block to cut feedback and enhance sustain, this is one of the most adaptable electrics on the planet, excelling at anything from jazz, to pop, to country, to flat-out Black Crowes-certified rocknroll. Richs preferred neck profile makes it superbly comfortable to play, and theres a little extra real estate at the 1.711-wide nut to give you plenty of room to roam. Load in a BurstBucker 1 at the neck and a slightly hotter BurstBucker 2 at the bridge, dress it all in a luscious aged-Cherry finish given Gibsons exclusive VOS process, with gently aged and period-correct nickel hardware, and pack it in a brown hardshell case with plush charcoal lining and Certificate of Authenticity, this is a classic ES-335 youll want to get your hands on right away.






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Rich's most recent record was really very good. Wonder if anyone here, besides myself, gave it a spin. He's being offered to me for late summer or fall dates but when I look at his box office numbers they're pretty weak. It surprising, at some level, just how hard it is to sell an artist when he steps outside the band that he's such an integral part of. Chris Robinson just came through here with his band The Brotherhood and barely drew 300 people. I mean, it's not like these guys are playing crap with their own bands and you know they'll throw in a couple of Black Crows tunes.. scratching my head. Sorry for the hijack. Nice guitar.

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