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SJ-200 Pickguard


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I've been looking around for one of these off and on for a few years, i figured i'd ask.


(this is a saturday morning coffee project and not of any dire consequence obviously [thumbup] )



My SJ-200 has a plain dark-tortoise looking plastic pickguard with a white/black/white binding along the outer edge. It's great but I want one of the more standard ones.

I had my guitar back in montana a few years back for warranty work and asked them to swap it but they forgot to.


My guitar is an SJ-200 Koa (Custom Shop), it was a warranty replacement guitar for another i had that didn't make it.


does anyone know how to get one or (or someone who makes authentic reproductions)? I keep looking and coming up dry.


Looking for one in this style, sort of the TV version with the outline engraved into it and the plastic dots.



or the one they used on the 1938 reissue would be awesome






Here's my guitar, it's a little dark in this picture but you get the idea..



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thanks zombi, i'd actually emailed them a couple of years back about it and it kind of went off into the ether. i followed-up once but didn't push it. i might explore it with Gibson and see where i get.

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Try Fuller's. They stock the hummingbird pickguard like comes on the TV model. I do not like the mock tortise pickguard on a bird.

I looked long and hard for one of the TV guards. Fuller's was the only place I could find one. They may have they SJ200 equivelant

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