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Ok I'll play along... Your Price point sounds good.

Body -------------- Traditional weight relief Mahogany ( around 9lbs, no more than 2 piece )

Top ---------------- Carved Maple

Neck -------------- 59 Profile Mahogany

Frets -------------- Medium-Jumbo

Board ------------- Ebony ( 1 Piece )

Inlays ------------- Abalone Trapezoid

Binding ----------- Creme Front of Body and neck only

Tuners ------------ Grover Rotomatics

Nut Size --------- 1 11/16" Graphtech Tusq XL

Pickups ---------- Burst Bucker 3 & 2

V/T Controls ---- 2 Volume 2 Tone 3 Way Switch, Hand wired, No PCB board!!!

Finish ------------- High-Gloss Nitro

Color/Spray ----- Deep Metallic Purple Solid with Black Back

Pick Guard ------ Included (unmounted)

Bridge ------------ TonePros Locking Nashville with Graphtech Saddles, and TonePros Locking Tailpiece Studs Nickel

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This would be my Les Paul order:


Body -------------- massive

Top -------------- Carved Maple, Flamed AAA Grade

Neck -------------- Mahogany, Late 50's Rounded, Long Tenon

Frets ------------- Medium-Jumbo with Nubs

Board ------------- Rosewood

Inlays ------------ Pearloid Trapezoid

Binding ----------- one very slim ply, cream, body & board

Tuners ------------ Schaller Vintage with Keystone buttons

Nut Size --------- 1 11/16"

Pickups ---------- 496R/500T four-conductor Zebras, Fishman Piezo T-O-M with Power Pot, battery compartment in electric cover

Controls --------- 2 x Volume for Magnetics with Pull for Series each, 1 x Tone for Magnetics with Pull for Reversed Polarity of 496R, 1 x Piezo Volume

Output Jack ------ stereo/blended when used mono (automatically through Power Pot)

Finish ----------- High-Gloss Nitro

Colour ----------- Transparent, Amber Top, Natural Sides and Back

Hardware --------- Chrome, including TP-6 finetuners

Plastics --------- Cream

Pick Guard ------- BEWARE!


Not sure about the price of this one... [unsure]

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Body -------------- modern weight relived mahogany

Top ---------------- Carved Maple AAAA flame

Neck -------------- 60's slim taper mahogany with compound radius board

Frets -------------- Medium-Jumbo s.s.

Board ------------- ebony

Inlays ------------- abalone block

Binding ----------- fully bound cream

Tuners ------------ min Etune gold

Nut Size --------- 1 11/16

Pickups ---------- 57 classic, classic plus coil split, phase switching

V/T Controls ---- 2 vol push/pull 2 tone push/pull amber hat knobs

Finish ------------- satin Nitro

Color/Spray ----- tangerine burst

Pick Guard ------ deleted

hardware ---------gold

price -----------$1500 u.s. \:D/

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Body -------------- British Honduran Mahogany - one-piece, solid

Top ---------------- Carved Maple (or without cap)

Neck -------------- 70s Slim-Taper

Frets -------------- Fretless Wonder

Board ------------- Ebony or Baked Maple

Inlays ------------- MOP blocks

Binding ----------- Multi-ply all-over

Tuners ------------ Grover Metal Tulips

Nut Size --------- whatever...

Pickups ---------- '57 Classics

V/T Controls ---- Usual modern with PIOs.

Finish ------------- High-Gloss Nitro

Color/Spray ----- Natural, Cream or Goldburst-Natural.

Pick Guard ------ Mounted

Hardware --------- Chrome/Gold (depending on model). Faber ARBN-1 bridge.

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OK, I'll play along.


Body --------------- Solid mahogany; around 8 3/4 lbs when finished.

Top ---------------- Properly dished Maple. I'd prefer beautiful flowing grain to flame, please. A mix of both would be nice (flitch-matched into the bargain); no Pin-Stripe nor Quilt.

Neck --------------- Late '50s with a properly 'C'-profiled shoulder.

Frets --------------- Medium.

Board -------------- Rosewood. The darker the better.

Inlays -------------- Pearloid Trapezoid; correctly shaped.

Binding ----------- Single-ply; Narrow-style in the cutaway.

Tuners ------------ Trad-style single-ring Kluson Keystone.

Nut Size ---------- 1 11/16"

Pickups ---------- A pair of '57 Classics.

V/T Controls ---- 500k Audio Taper; '50's wiring with Luxe PIO Grey Tigers/B'ees

Finish ------------- High-Gloss Nitro

Color/Spray ----- Don't know, really. Possibly a very faded Tea-turning-to-Honey Burst with a well-ambered yellow layer? Cherry-red back.

Pick Guard ------ Installed. Vintage style.

Hardware -------- Nickel plated; ABR-1 bridge; Vintage style TRC; Schaller strap-locks.


Hang on a mo, though;.......that pretty much describes an R9...................:-k



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I'd go with basically Bence's version re the solid Honduras mahogany body and fretless wonder frets and ebony board etc but must have nibs / nubs and also Pippy's requirement of a properly dished top. I'd like a good flame and a sort of darkish honeyburst.


Pickups - well I've never heard better than the Memphis Historic Spec pickups in my 1959 reissue ES345 so I'll have those please!


Oh, throw in the TP6 as well.

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Yes, nibs!


Even though, sometimes they are a pain, but...well...a proper LP has to have them.


...also forgot to mention the volute. :D


Just saw a LP Custom Koa-top at Thomann's site. Ah, is there a Rotshild girl looking for a husband right now? [biggrin][blink]


Cheers... Bence

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Body -------------- solid light weight

Top ---------------- Eastern maple

Neck -------------- Early 50's fat neck

Frets -------------- Medium

Board ------------- Rosewood

Inlays ------------- trapazoid vintage size shape material

Binding ----------- vintage sized cream body n neck

Tuners ------------ vintage spec historic

Nut Size --------- 1 11/16"

Pickups ---------- p90's black

V/T Controls ---- Black top hats no chrome tops

Finish ------------- High-Gloss Nitro

Color/Spray ----- Ebony top/ vos style natural brownish/ cherry stain back

Pick Guard ------ Black single ply

Hardware --------- Nickel

Other- lightweight aluminium tail and abr bridge

500k pots linear. 50's wiring and .022 cap bridge. .015 cap neck

Vintage truss rod cover

Holly vernier

Slight yellowed gibson logo.

Long neck tenon

Amber tip on 3 way. Black poker chip selector indicator

Black control covers

Vintage style serial #

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Please feel free to visit and give a "Like" to my facebook fanspage:


This one should be very interesting.....


Body -------------- Solid Mahogany

Top ---------------- Quilted Maple

Neck -------------- Late 50s Rounded (Maple)

Frets -------------- 6105

Board ------------- scalloped baked maple, 7.25 radius

Inlays ------------- Dots

Binding ----------- Yes

Tuners ------------ Grover

Nut Size --------- 1 11/16"

Pickups ---------- EMG ZAkk set ----

The Basic OnesFinish ----High-Gloss

NitroColor/Spray ----- transparent yellow

Pick Guard ------ unincluded

Hardware --------black chrome

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h*ly mackeral....do they have a free demo or reduced functionality freeware version?


oh, and beautiful work, c_v!!!

No idea but you have to screenshot it, crop it, upload it, and paste the http://[/url] link.


Les Pauls are so orange. Need some more deep colors.




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This may be fun. Let's maybe try to not be too detailed, otherwise we'll have a big mess in no time!


Please add or subtract a 'basic' only, as necessary, for your own build...


Oh and hey there, Gibman, listen up, please.



Have you seen this site?




heres some ive done before





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Body --------------> Solid mahogany (honduras) body, no weight relief.

Top ---------------> Carved, plain maple, AA or AAA grade with mineral streaks here and there

Neck --------------> '59 style, with long neck tenon

Frets --------------> 22, 6105 style, stainless steel

Board -------------> Indian or braz Rosewood

Inlays -------------> mother of pearl, trapeze

Binding ----------- >Yes, creme, on the top and fretboard

Tuners ------------> Grover rotomatic ("The beans"), nickel.

Nut Size --------- ->1 11/16"

Pickups -----------> Not really sure on this point, maybe two DiMarzio 36th anniversary PAFs, or SD Antiquities.

V/T Controls ------> standard, 2V, 2T, 3 way switch. 500K CTS pots with oil/paper caps.

Finish ------------> Standard nitro coating, VOS aging at least.

Color/Spray -------> A nice dark bourbonburst or a dark tobacco burst, with not too much red, and medium-"pear"

Pick Guard --------> No pickguard, no Paul. Yes, mounted.

Hardware ----------> with abr-1 bridge. Nickel finish, with very low relic on the whole hardware

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