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A month ago or so I replaced the 4 power tubes in my amp and took it to a tech to re-bias. The tech told me that 3 of the 4 tubes matched very closely, but the fourth one wasn't even close. TubeStore had made a big deal about how carefully they match tubes so I sent them a short email explaining that 3 matched but not all four. I hit click to send and within a minute my phone rings and it's a guy from Tubestore up in Canada calling to help me out.


He says they will send me 4 new tubes that he will personally test and restest to make sure they match, I should install them have the tech re-bias and when everything is cool send the first set back and they will pay the postage. So I got the new set, put them in, they all matched, amp sounds great and now I have returned the first set to them.


I was so pleasantly surprised by this service which seems rare nowadays. I was pretty much expecting the "sorry no returns of electronic parts" line, or to be ignored, but they really came through to resolve the problem, and I will certainly use them again and just wanted to highly recommend them to you as a company that stands behind their products. [thumbup] [thumbup]

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Good old Canadian hospitality [thumbup]. Glad to see we're being well-represented up here.


Just had a great customer service experience with Smallbear Electronics recently. My order was short 1 mini-toggle switch. Responded within 24 hours (it was a Sunday), apologized, and shipped it out the same day at his expense. $6 shipping on a $2 item.



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