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The Tele dilemma

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Pup check the link 'cos you can buy a kit and you could fairly easily fit it with your skills.


Oh snap! I didn't realize you could buy a Parsons/Green kit. While I might not try to toss that in my #1 - I might be inclined to buy a body and give it a shot. Thanks for the tip. [thumbup]

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Very nice indeed, the L6s. I had one, the simpler one in wine red with a r'wood board. Think the scale is 25 1/2"?


However we are getting off track (off dilemma?), so....once more with feeling - this one is 1967:





Check the pics in this link and the teles for sale, sg! This is how it works:








that one makes me so horny.

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Hard to do without a Telecaster but managed thirty-two years this way. Meanwhile, my Gibson SG Supra and my N3 Noiseless modded Fender Nashville Power Telecaster are my main - ACOUSTIC guitars! [biggrin]


Ahem - forgot to mention: CAUTION - magnetic/piezo hybrid addict here... [rolleyes]


From left to right, strung .011" - .050" and with Levy'y MSS3 Tan straps unless otherwise noted:


MIM Nashville Power Telecaster, TexMex PUs, all stock

MIM Nashville Power Telecaster, N3 Noiseless PU modded

MIA American Deluxe Telecaster Ash, N3 Noiseless PUs, all stock except supplied strap - too neck heavy (!!!) for that but fine with the Levy's suede back [smile][thumbup]

MIM Nashville Power Telecaster, TexMex PUs, all stock, strung .010" - .046" and with the MIA Deluxe stock strap, usually played by a bandmate of mine or the girls I record from time to time (audio recordings only! ;) )

MII Special Telecaster FMT HH, Seymour Duncan '59 reverse wound/reverse polarity & Pearly Gates PUs, all stock




OMG - my brother from another mother [scared]


We should start a group called The Five Teles. LOL [biggrin]


Thanks Cap - now I don't feel so weird. [thumbup]

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