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Les Paul Goldtop 50's style


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Can you please name as many brands and models of guitars that resembles a pre 57' les paul goldtop (with P90's)? Except for the current epiphone limited editon and the occasionall gibson custom shop I don't know any.


None... there are exactly none of what you are looking for anywhere in the world

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Vintage (brand) V100GT




It is a UK brand by Trevor Wilkinson. Last I knew they were Korean made and are a very good product. I put them at the very least on-par with Epiphones, but honestly take them to be a little better...


The V100GT is basically a Gibson Les Paul 1956 GoldTop reissue with a 60's neck...


I own one and absolutely love it. It's a great player with a really fast Slim 60's taper neck profile and a beautiful dark red mahogany back finish. It comes adorned with the Wilkinson W90 stacked double/dummy-coil single coil/P90 like pickups that have some noise canceling characteristics like humbuckers while retaining the P90 tone...


A great Axe and the are for less than $500 USD usually somewhere in the $400 range...


It ain't a Gibson, but it's just about the next best thing...


The Vintage (brand) V100 Les Paul copies are some of the best around!


They also offer this V100MU Midge Ure signature model now:




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How dare you, Jimi?!?? [-X


I know, I know... It's not a Gibson... msp_ohmy.gif


I do own two real Gibson Les Pauls and do prefer them and take them to be of clearly better quality and performance, but the Vintages are a good brand, especially for the money, and in numerous instances better than Epiphone...


However I must admit to a vast overall improvement in the Epiphone line so they are much closer now if not on par with the Vintage brand...


Until I came into the money to ever own a real Gibson for myself, I was perfectly satisfied with the Vintage V100.


I still play them often not wanting to neglect them... In fact probably more often than my Gibsons with some kind of preservation ideology going on in my brain for the Gibsons...


My drummer just picked up a Korean made Epiphone Les Paul that is really sweet... I can't remember the year/s they were made in Korea, but they appear to be some of the better ones...


The base Chinese made Epiphone Les Pauls do leave something to be desired in my personal experience...

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