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I have J-45, and I want to keep some spare parts for it.

eg Bridge pins and saddle.

I cannot locate a retailer in the UK, I've done all the usual Google searches.

I'm not interested in third party spares,I want official Gibson spares....can anyone help ?


Thanks !

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I hate it on the internet when someone posts for help and they get an argument.

"I'm looking for a Ford Mustang." And someone comes along and says "Why not a Chevy Camaro?"

But ... here goes....

Some folks find some third party pins and bridges superior (albeit this is admittedly somewhat subjective) to some of Gibson's Original Equipment.

For example - Bob Colosi has a website ( www.guitarsaddles.com ) many Gibson, Taylor, etc owners have found tempting.

He is in Georgia and has various materials, bone being the most commonly popular.

Some find the cheap plastic look and mold seam on the Gibson pins out of step with an otherwise beautiful instrument.

I got bone pins with abalone inlays and bone compensated bridges for mine, and tuck the originals away in the pick box in the case just so I have them.

I don't diddle with the tuning keys or pickguards though - happy just to slightly tweak (personalize?) my guitar.

Again - I apologize for suggesting you need to re-think your plan. Enjoy your Gibson!


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Generally speaking, their is nothing sacred about the Gibson version of the items you are talking about. In fact, there is a strong argument to be made that some aftermarket parts, such as Colosi (and others) saddles and pins, are superior to the stock Gibson parts, and may improve the sound of the guitar as well as its looks. Any Gibson dealer should be able to order Gibson bits for you, but frankly, you might well be better off looking at aftermarket suppliers.


I would bet that half of those on this forum have done that. It's similar to putting higher-performance tires on your car, rather than the cheaper ones it may have come with.

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