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This is a series on HBO where Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters go to various cities across the US and document the musical scenes there. Lot's of great guest musicians and interviews with the influential people around the music.


Even though I wasn't a part of, and don't really identify with some of these musical "scenes", I really enjoy these shows. I just finished watching the Los Angeles one and that was probably my favorite episode so far.


Anyone else watch this show?

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I have watched all of them so far, there is only one left, the Seattle episode.


I got to see the Foo Fighters at The Ryman. They played a small historic venue that represents each city as part of the series.


The Nashville show had Tony Joe White as a guest and Zac Brown came out later on.


They played 3 full hours and the last 30 was all covers from Cheap Trick, Tom Petty, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, etc


Epic show

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Isn't he playing in Lucinda Williams's band now as well? Or did I imagine that?


Tony Joe White was on Lucinda's last album.


I saw the Sonic Hwys episode in New Orleans. Dave seemed out of place with those musicians and in Preservation Hall.

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