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Staggeringly Good "new" J-35 at a bargain price!!


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I have absolutely no affiliation with Guitar center(in East Brunswick,N.J.)but how often do we hear about "some" specific guitar(especially Gibsons)that is SO GOOD it stands out,heads above the rest?

Well,today I played 2 standard J-45's,one Custom Koa J-45(blinged out)and 2 new J-35's as I wanted more comparisons with my Fuller's '39 J-35 Reissue,though I did not bring it along(I did play it before & after my journey).I LOVE the Fuller's,but......


I was blown into another universe by one of the J-35's on hand!It was SO much better than "all" of the other guitars at the storeand it was laughable.....It destroyed virtually all of the previous new J-35's I've played,at least 10!


It is different from my Fuller's J-35 reissue(obviously the Sitka vs Adi)but for the "on sale for $1029 price" I was flabbergasted as to it tone & playability.I really would have loved to buy this thing,but simply have too many guitars......I'd never post simply out of enthusiasm for a nice day with some nice guitars,but I swear "this J-35" is CRAZY GREAT!!


Of the 2 J-35's there,it is the one with the darker mahogany,if anyone is interested.I kept thinking that this guitar sounds like it was made by a private builder,it was that good!Rediculous bass and crisp!! God,I loved it!It would make a nice contrast to my Fuller's J-35 reissue,which is darker tonally,but my wife would probably shoot me -:)


Anyone checking it out will be buying me a nice bottle of wine,'cause this baby is special!


best to all,


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Mark. Shame on you!

These moments... Get back Loretta. Get it and figure it out later!

I did that with the resurfacing of my J50. I did it and figured it out later. I sold the J45 and it was the right move.

We all go around one time. One time.

If you don't do it, I'll swoop in and buy it, and sell it back for more later.





There is another thread with a $1029 GC J35 marked down.... With potential saddle/bridge/action issues. Same guitar?

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Not too often a guitar calls to you like that, and at a very reasonable price. So many of us have to take a leap of faith when buying long distance, and many here wish they had the selection as seen in the U.S.


Obvious that this guitar had everything that you were listening for, with the playability that you'd like to find in a guitar. This could be one of those ones that got away; it'll haunt you for years. Hope that doesn't become the case.

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