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Just bought this off of Reverb for $500. These were a special edition which have been discontinued so there's not a lot of them available. This one is also equipped with a Celestion Alnico Blue speaker which just makes it more exciting for me. He was asking for $600 - I offered $500 and the seller accepted. Merry Christmas to me from me. [thumbup]


The only other Vox amp I have is this ones little brother - the AC4C1 which I love. :)



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Very cool. How do you like the Celestion Blue ?


I just bought it online today so it's not here yet. The only other amp I own with a Celestion Blue is a custom made Atom Amps Metroliner which is an 18 watt hand wired PTP amp made for me by the late Larry Rodgers from Rodgers Amplification in Florida. He unfortunately just passed away recently. [sad]


That amp lit the fire for me to want another amp with a Celestion Blue. I love them.



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