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To Mod or Not to Mod a "broken" 70s LP Custom


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I recently inherited a black Les Paul Custom (dated 1970-75 by serial #) from my favorite cool uncle. It has aged beautifully, but I believe it has lost all its value as a collectible because it was modified long ago. I'm not sure if the neck pickup is original, but the bridge humbucker was definitely swapped out for a DiMarzio, and an extra switch added to the controls -- I assume to toggle between single-coil and humbucker sounds -- but the wiring is all wrong. It needs repairs at least.


Now that the damage has been done, would I be crazy to mod this vintage instrument even further to match my own playing preferences? I am a single-coil guy and am in love with the style and sound of the 1954 LP Custom with the "staple" pickup in the neck and the P-90 in the bridge. (It has been reissued several times, and even the reissues are very expensive.) Seymour Duncan offers a "Phat Staple" that fits a humbucker cavity, and it looks and sounds amazing. I'm seriously thinking about putting one in the neck. I haven't decided whether I'd keep the coil-split DiMarzio in the bridge, or look for something better.


I love modding guitars but I've never been a collector of vintage instruments before. Am I contemplating a huge mistake here from your perspective?





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