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New Guitar Day - Kind of?


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Congratulations man! Cant believe you didnt own one already (looking at your avatar...)


She looks great, how does she play and sound? Already tried all those switches? lots of tones to chose from... thats great. How do those pickups sound compared to "normal" pickups? They are low impedance pups right?

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Thanks Thunder yeah it was really one of the few I didn't own. I couldn't afford them when they were new and later had never found one I thought looked clean enough for the price, most of the production year they only made 300 guitars so not a lot of them to choose from anymore.


The pickups are unusual with the low impedance models the guitar has in phase and out of phase settings as well as the rotary (decade) ten position switch so the tones are amazing but it a tough guitar to figure out (for example to use the decade switch you need to have the position 2 switch activated and then bass set below four on position 1-6 etc. etc.) so complicated little sucker.


But overall one of the best sounding guitars eve made for clean guitar tone and get from almost acoustic bell tones to heavy overdrive growl. it's negatives are that it is not a loud guitar on it's own so you need to have a pretty solid amp to push volume which is no big deal for me and the sucker is heavy almost 12 lbs og solid mahogony. only other issue I have with these is the frets it's got the low wide frets like a early BB so it's another fretless wonder again no big deal but you need to play clean on it.


So far I like it, think she's a keeper...

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