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Cowboy Jack Clement with his '51 SJ200


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Super video. The great ones don't have to act cool. They are cool. In addition, now we know where to find inspiration for a great song.


You got that right,

Never underestimate the muse in your own Sh€£....🤐😱

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Wonderful personality.


Interviewer: "What were you thinking when you wrote that one?"


Cowboy Jack: "Well I was takin' a dump one night..."




Just a note on the '51 SJ200; look at how they've had to cut string ramps into those inlay ribbons! That will happen to mine eventually, but I expect I'll be gone when that happens.

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Funny how even in the 50's people wanted certain guitars and once they played them and their bubble bursts they ended up with something totally different.


I have tried to like Rosewood Martins for the longest time ...Have not been able to find one I like yet.


I think this video sums up why I like maple.Rosewood has this "legend" about it but I play a D 28 or even q D 41 and just have to scratch my head. and I guess the RW fans feel the reverse when they play a maple jumbo.



Every rosewood I have ever played sounded like pure mud.

So I get my Cowboy Jack went for the 200 instead








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