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Vintage Epiphone Casino made in Kalamazoo


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Hello fellow guitar gurus!


I'm trying to date an Epiphone Casino made in Kalamazoo with the Factory "compensating" Epiphone Tremolo. serial number 101025

I've waded through a bunch of info but thought you all were my best shot. Having trouble uploading an image but it is tobacco sunburst, chrome p-90's,parralelogram mother of toilet seat inlays.


Looking for a Date of manufacture.



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Those 6-digit serial numbers are tough to track.


Epiphone used the same serial number system as Gibson. The best I could find is that your guitar could have been produced anywhere between 1970-1975—and perhaps even as late as 1977.


But, the fact that Epiphone began making guitars in Japan during the early '70s, and yours is a Kalamazoo... that would lead me to believe your Casino is from 1970, 1971.....?


Good luck!

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If the pickup covers are indeed chrome plated - 1967

If they are in fact nickel plated - 1963


The headstock would be a different shape between those years too.


Here's the wiki: http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/Casino


Here's how to post photos: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/11005-sticky-how-to-post-photos/

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