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The most perfect creation in the history of mankind the Universe.

As Michelangelo's eye takes in the faultless, harmonious proportions of the M-III his jaw drops-down through a mixture of undiluted reverence and pure jealousy.



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double cutaway = great

floyd rose= very good

color = great

design = great


Glad you like it so much!!

All that remains is for you to go out and buy one!!!


Looking forward to the NGD thread!!!!!





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A 'statement' guitar one might say Pip....If I had the hair I'd buy one or some, maybe...
The hair and the spandex :D...



I really do like the colours which were offered. In fact the only thing I don't particularly like is the maple 'board. Mind you I'm not mad-keen on the inlays either. Nor the Floyd-Rose. Nor the 'Reverse Explorer' peghead. Nor the mid-placed single-coil. Nor the black-finish hardware. I also prefer my p'ups covered. I'm not too sure about the overall shape either. But apart from that?...


I'm sure it plays and sounds great.



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for me the main problem is it has the same scale as a strat


i prefer lp - sg scale

so when Gibson will create a gibson axcess double cutaway +floyd rose +all options


it will be fantastic


but without that

we can have just the dirty fingers and and another scale


a gibson axcess not double cutaway


so nothing perfect but i have forgotten the idea considering it's not a gibson LP sg scale

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