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I kissed my cousin...

Tim Plains

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Well, at least that's roughly how I feel right about now. LOL


Just bought this used today for $700 CDN. Highway 1 Tele. I believe it's a 2006.

Z6010908. The Guitar Dater doesn't recognize this serial number. Wonder if I've been duped? :-#

I'm definitely replacing the bridge with a six saddle bridge...just not sure if I go the store or eBay route.





That makes two guitars in one week. The little Mrs. knows about the R9 but not this.

How do I explain this one? :-k

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It's very hard to know what your getting with a used Fender, becaus it's all bolt together stuff. Personally, I would never buy a used one unless I could get clear provinence and documentation. I hate to say, I told you so, BUT I TOLD YOU SO! the vintage type bridges are fugly and hard to tune well, the modern six saddles are much better. You could have had a new, factory fresh American made for less than $1200. The only way to see what you really have is to take the neck off and look for markings on the body and neck end and to take the pickgaurd off and the pups out to see what's written in the body cavities.

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It sounds decent...that's all I was looking for.

You guys are right. I could have bought something nicer but I don't want an expensive Tele.

$800 was the limit I set for a Tele.

So, you tell me...


Dates on the neck: April 26, 2006 & May 31, 2006

Sticker on the neck: 0060082 - 970


Neck cavity:

Date: March 20, 2006

Stamp: 60081 (there is what appears to be a number where the top left hole is)

Neck pup: C00052415

Bridge pup: 0060081 - 600











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It's the cheapest American Tele on the market.


It's good for something. I guess.........


If I really needed a guitar. You know, was in a bind, broke, drunk, ect.,


I'd play it. If...... I could tune the damned thing........................


Those saddles were designed by an idiot.


Won't work.


Leo should have stuck with amps.



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Nice Tele, Tim! I actually prefer the 3-piece bridges, but I would recommend a store vs. eBay. You should be able to order a replacement 6-saddle bridge from your local Fender dealer.


So... not getting a reissue Tele, eh? That's cool. I guess you're not as snobby as I thought. :-$ (at least not with Fenders, anyway...)

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Buy one get one free?

I wish!


So... not getting a reissue Tele' date=' eh? That's cool. I guess you're not as snobby as I thought. O:) (at least not with Fenders' date=' anyway...)[/quote'']

Not true, I am a snob...


Well...even though I just bought it yesterday, I've already put it up for sale. It's been quite the week...

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Recently, I've been checking craigslist & kijiji almost daily for a Tele.

Teles on there either cost too much or aren't what I am looking for.

After I got home from buying the Highway One yesterday, I went on CL and sure enough...a newly listed '52RI. FUKC!!

I had a look at it today and...you guessed it...it's now my new '52VR.


KSG & Murph - I know, I know...O:)

I'm going to the store tomorrow for a new bridge.


I couldn't pass it up and I got it for under $950. New ones now list for $1,999 in Canada.

The guy said it's a 2000. I'll find out when I take it apart. Sounds great.

The only thing is the wiring. It's been rewired and the guy who did it must not have done it right.

When you roll the volume down to zero it doesn't always mute the guitar.

So, it's either the wiring or just the pot. Either way, I'm taking it to the store and have it fixed properly.



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