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Love Motorhead but one thing I can't stand is Covers Albums. To me it is just lazy. One cover song at a concert I can deal with, but for the most part very few ever really improves on the original. The only a few I can think of that I like is Talking Heads - Take Me To The River, Aretha - Respect, and Jimi - All Along The Watchtower, and maybe a few others. And never under any circumstances cover a Beatles song. You will never do it better than they did. Of course on the first slew of Beatles albums they covered stuff and some were okay. I would rather hear their originals.


Now here it comes people saying but this cover of this is so great. Johnny Cash doing Hurt. Nope could not stand it. Nirvana - Man Who Sold The World, yucky.

Come on man! Given Lemmy's current condition I don't think releasing a compilation of their covers is lazy or unreasonable [mellow]


I just wrote a song about him and googled Motorhead to get a few ideas and saw this. It's something for the fans mainly I guess, but that's cool.

I'm not that into cover albums as an idea, but I liked a few on GnR's Spaghetti Incident and loved the Johnny Cash stuff - his versions of The Mercy Seat and I See a Darkness in particular were awesome....and I'd take Joe Cocker over Ringo any day re Beatles covers.


..though I do usually agree with you on most things! [laugh]

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Coincidentally I was listening to the Head Cat live album that was released recently, a 2006 13-song gig of oldies.


It was always a part of Motorhead's DNA to do covers, they did them from the early days, not sure that Lemmy meant to improve the originals but he can put his stamp on songs for sure.


At this point I rather see this kind of material being released than unreleased, unfinished tracks, etc.


The thing with Motorhead is that they did have a very extensive discography unlike Hendrix. I hope they do not start scrapping the bottom of the barrel because there is no need, it is actually hard to own all the material that Motorhead put out, I have probably 90% of it if not less.

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"Heroes" turned out great.



The others, the TS cover excepted, I've heard before, and wasn't super impressed. Possibly because I think their own songs are so good.


I love "Hellraiser" to this day, but that was a Motorhead song they sold to Sharon for Ozzy to use, and anyway, it was on "March or die".


I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that it's a posthumous release, but I'm sure Phil and Mikkey wouldn't do anything Lemmy wouldn't have approved of.


I even like the posthumous vid for "Heroes". It's a fitting epitaph.


They were a wonderful band, and I feel fortunate that I got to see them multiple times throughout the years.

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